It is possible to transition careers without sacrificing what matters most.

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Meghan went from 50+ hour weeks and an unsuccessful job search TO landing a role that is “scarily close” to her dream job where she works less hours, has better balance AND got a 40% increase in pay.

Meghan C Square

Within just a few months of working with Blake, I secured a new role that is scarily close to the dream job I envisioned (& thought wasn’t possible) AND was able to negotiate a 40% pay increase with an additional $36k MORE than I would have gotten on my own.

I made tons of new connections and finally broke into a new industry with the confidence I was lacking before. I am grateful this program has opened up doors, given me a long term career vision, and continues to help me craft a plan that evolves with me over time.”


Amy transitioned from a role with lack of growth & work life balance TO being excited to go to work, learning in a new industry while making more money & working 100% remotely with a team that she loves.

Meghan C Square

I feel safe & secure again in my career & financial situation.

The difference between my old toxic environment and where I am now could not be more night and day. The people are so supportive & really invested in my growth & I’m already making more than I was at my old job with fewer expenses like monthly subway fare. The culture of the company is great—they literally live their values & my co-workers actually behave as a team.

In just 11 weeks, I moved to a new industry working 100% remotely with amazing benefits. I went from having a lot of anxiety about my future & dealing with chronic pains & migraines on the regular to having more energy, feeling a lot better overall (I haven’t had a migraine in over 8 months!), & waking up in the morning excited to start my day. ”


Monique went from feeling trapped in a job because of her high income & believing that she’d have to take a big paycut to do more meaningful work TO making a bigger impact, doing work that she’s passionate about, while gaining greater flexibility, balance and substantially increasing her income.

Meghan C Square

“With Blake’s help, I was able to land a new role within 12 weeks of starting the program & the financial package was honestly more than I had ever hoped or expected. It came out to be about a 50% increase from what I was previously making, not to mention unlimited vacation days & the ability to work remotely when needed!

Without Blake & the Bridge to Fulfillment, I don’t think I would’ve gotten even half of what I did in my new role.”


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