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The Ease & Elevation Experience

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September 29-30, 2023


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Alignment Accelerator (1:1 Coaching)

“Blake has an incredible gift.  She has this ability to read your soul.  When you’re talking to her, she makes you feel like you’re the only person that exists in that moment, giving 100% of her focus to you.  It’s hard to put into words what she does, but the best way I can describe it is, she is able to see you for who you truly are, and you FEEL it. You will feel seen in a way you never have before in your life.  She asks questions and then just listens, but with more than just her ears.  She sees you, but with more than just her eyes.

She has a gift, a superpower.  In talking with her about my life over the past decade or so she was easily able to identify a clear pattern that’s been showing up consistently, even since I was a child.  I was blind to it prior to this.  She then was able to help me uncover the source or cause of this pattern, and give me a little homework to do for the next steps.  

I felt seen, heard and loved, free from any judgement. With  more breakthroughs in that 45-minute conversation than I ever had in all the therapy sessions I’ve done combined.

If you’re in a period of transition in your life, feel misaligned, or feel like something is missing, talk to Blake.  You won’t regret it.” – Tanner Hanks

If you’re interested in working directly with Blake for her Alignment Accelerator (1:1 Coaching)

Business Retreats/Team Training

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Blake Schofield, Founder & CEO of The Bridge to Fulfillment and Ascend

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