Hi! I’m Blake.

I’m a mom to 3 & former corporate executive who spent 18 years building, growing & turning around 8-9 figure businesses before finally getting tired of sacrificing my life for a comfortable paycheck.

My superpower is ALIGNMENT, with a unique ability to hone into & get to the root cause of an issue, remove misalignment, help you gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and value, then create a clear, strategic plan to maximize all of the parts of your life.

Want to learn about The Path to Alignment… and why misalignment is so clear when you know what to look for? Check out this short video HERE.

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There is no one else in the world just like you…and I believe that you have a purpose to your life.

Like most, my path to aligning with my purpose, passion & biggest impact wasn’t a straight line.  

I spent two years in Human Resources, then spent 16 years building, growing & turning around 8-9 figure businesses at some of the most well-known retailers in the country.

Despite my success, I went through a rollercoaster of feeling fulfilled, then being hit with the unsettled feeling that there must be something more for my life.

In 2017, I got tired of sacrificing my life for a comfortable paycheck, walked away from my $200+k/yr salary & started the Bridge to Fulfillment.

Since then, I’ve deeply invested my time & finances (over $500k) to learn the skills, knowledge & tools to assist my clients in uncovering and removing the (often hidden) barriers standing in the way of achieving more fulfilling lives & aligning to their purpose, without burnout or sacrifice.

In particular:

  • Cracking the code for goal achievement from the world’s most prolific high performance coach, Dr Jeff Spencer
  • Uncovering human biases, proven principles for success & the path to being extraordinary from Randy Massengale (former senior advisor to Bill Gates), Dan Nicholson, and Nic Peterson through becoming a Certainty Certified Advisor (CCA)
  • …accompanied by years of engaging in and applying multiple mindset modalities, belief & intuitive healing work 

Life & achieving your highest potential can be so much easier.

When we are in alignment, there is an ease & peace in our lives that is indescribable…an ability to be more fully present in your life, with the confidence, space & ability to create your biggest impact in the world (and at home) without sacrifice.

“Blake is able to recognize someone’s true core passion & how they can embrace it. She’s a life-saving apparatus when someone gets off their path. As if a switch on the train went right, when it should have gone left, she knows how to redirect them to the right path…as if she is connecting the right plug in the socket.”

Jeff Moore, Founder of Thursday Night Boardroom & Director, Global Protein Group

Alignment Accelerator (1:1 Coaching)

Rapid transformation that increases your clarity, certainty & collapses time starts with the Alignment Accelerator Assessment:

Three key deliverables:

    • Clear understanding & map of the hidden roadblocks, barriers & patterns stopping you from achieving your greater potential & impact
    • Clarity on the right next steps
    • Removal with step by step actions to remove the biggest barrier in your way

This is accomplished typically with (2) 90 minute sessions + (1) 60 minute call over the course of a month.

Then from there, if we’d like to continue our partnership, you’d move into the alignment accelerator 1:1 coaching partnership (minimum 6 months) to ensure you get results at the highest level:

    • Weekly coaching + “speed dial” access between sessions


Who is this right for?

Purpose driven, high achieving men & women who have already invested in personal development work & are looking to gain clarity & the right steps to remove the barriers keeping them from achieving their highest potential in their career, relationships and/or life.  

The Alignment Accelerator 1:1 coaching is a great fit for you, if…

    • If you are tired of going through cycles of burning out / hustling and grinding
    • Want to achieve MORE results with LESS work, more peace of mind 
    • Want clarity on the right direction for your life & career to create bigger impact
    • Are in a transition period in your life and unsure what is next or how to get there
    • Seeking greater enlightenment as to your unique purpose & impact
    • Are dealing with complex challenges in your relationship, life or business and want to ensure you are strategic in your approach 
    • Are ready to align with your higher purpose
    • Want to transform or grow your business
Who is this not right for?

Individuals seeking assistance to transition careers – please see the Bridge to Fulfillment program HERE.

I'm Interested! What's my next step?

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After you complete the interest form, Blake will reach out for a call to learn more about you and how she can assist. Should there be alignment, you will discuss what a partnership in the Alignment Accelerator would look like.

“Working with Blake Schofield was more than just an eye-opening experience full of clarity, compassion and direction for my current situation as well as future legacy plans. Her tactfulness and precision with identifying areas of my life that needed clarity in order to operate at peak performance was simply astounding. 

Within two weeks of implementation from our first call, I’d successfully followed her direction and had freed up over 20 hours a week of admin related tasks and doors were opening faster and at a higher frequency than ever before. 

I haven’t encountered anyone with her presence of being in the past 20 years. If you feel stuck, burnt out, or wavering on your purpose in life, I recommend you book with Blake immediately.”
–Evan Kirsch, CEO, MAKE Digital

“I chose to work with Blake in the Alignment Accelerator because I’d completed The Bridge to Fulfillment & also attended a couple of Ease & Elevation Experience events.  She’s been an advocate & coach for me throughout my growth journey & so it just made sense to partner with her again, given that level of comfort & my confidence in her abilities.

A few months into the work together, I can say that the one on one coaching absolutely was the right next step for me to help me gain clarity on some blind spots that I need to overcome in order to take inspired action & identify the right next steps for my blossoming business.

I’m taking action, finally, for the first time on my higher purpose!  

She’s helped me overcome limiting beliefs that I’ve had throughout the whole course of my life & get clarity on my purpose, as well as the steps I should be taking.   This work has helped me to know where I need to go, the message that I need to deliver, finally step out into the light & take inspired action.

I absolutely would recommend the Alignment Accelerator to anyone who is working through their journey of self development & has already taken several steps to understand their passion, purpose & are ready to hone in on that and make it happen.  

Blake is a wonderful coach and a mentor – she will really accelerate your path.” –Brittany Burton, Founder, Windy Ridge Collective

“Blake has an incredible gift.  She has this ability to read your soul.  When you’re talking to her, she makes you feel like you’re the only person that exists in that moment, giving 100% of her focus to you.  It’s hard to put into words what she does, but the best way I can describe it is, she is able to see you for who you truly are, and you FEEL it. You will feel seen in a way you never have before in your life.  She asks questions and then just listens, but with more than just her ears.  She sees you, but with more than just her eyes.

She has a gift, a superpower.  In talking with her about my life over the past decade or so she was easily able to identify a clear pattern that’s been showing up consistently, even since I was a child.  I was blind to it prior to this.  She then was able to help me uncover the source or cause of this pattern, and give me a little homework to do for the next steps.  

I felt seen, heard and loved, free from any judgement. With more breakthroughs in that 45-minute conversation than I ever had in all the therapy sessions I’ve done combined.

If you’re in a period of transition in your life, feel misaligned, or feel like something is missing, talk to Blake.  You won’t regret it.” –Tanner Hanks, Business owner, Elevate Social

Business Partnerships

Interested in…

  • Transforming & aligning your business with greater growth & impact?
  • Aligning yourself & your team to its highest potential, based on their natural way of working and skills?
  • Identifying and aligning with your business’s’ “sweet spot” differentiator in the market?
  • Identifying & implementing the key shifts needed to achieve better results with less work & complexity?
  • Becoming a more effective & authentic leader, able to accomplish greater results with less effort?

Why Blake?  

She has a proven history of launching & transforming both product & service based businesses, aligning them with their higher potential & helping them stand out in the market.  See below for some examples of her results:

Business Transformation & Growth Acceleration
  • Le Fashion Lab:
    • Identified & created the strategy to shift Le Fashion Lab from selling individual fashion education courses to disrupting fashion education,  becoming the alternative to a 4 yr, $100k fashion degree, through positioning the business a fashion vocational school, providing a full fashion education and portfolio for her students in just 1-2 yrs at 20% of the cost of a traditional 4 year degree.  This grew Nicola’s business from $50-75k/yr to $250k/yr in less than one year.  During the covid timeframe, protected her in-person, service based business through expanding into online, digital education.
  • Target Corporation:
    • Led a team of 18, with over $600M in annual sales across stores & .com, developing product and strategy for the launch of a new children’s brand, Cat and Jack, while profitably exiting old brands.  Identified two key business opportunities, aligned resources and cross-functional team support to deliver an incremental $30 million in sales volume over the next two years.
  • Turned around a business that was running -25% to LY,  delivered the first positive sales trend in over 10 years.  In the first year, beat sales plan & delivered an additional $7.5 million in profit over plan.  Then led a multi-channel, cross functional team, created a new brand Ava + Viv, which launched in Spring 2015 to an innovative  digital marketing strategy that drove more than 670 million impressions.


  • JcPenney:
    • Recognized as the #2 team in the entire company (out of 90) for sales & profit performance to plan, through turning around the worst performing business in the division, driving double digit sales growth two years in a row.


Business Creation/Launches
  • Stitch Fix:
    • Developed the company’s plus size business from scratch, successfully launched in less than 1 year, with 75,000 women on its waitlist & driving sales, in the first month, equal to the entire first year of Stitch Fix’s business.   
  • Year Cheer:
    • Partnered with Katie, a mom of 4 and former VP of merchandising, to create the idea, strategy & launch her successful holiday subscription box service, Year Cheer, for busy moms who want to create memorable moments for their kids without hours spent searching the internet, scrounging around late at night or dealing with mom guilt that you aren’t doing enough.  
Who Is This For?

CEOs (and their teams) running a purpose driven business, with the resources & growth mindset to invest in personal, team and business development to transform their trajectory, with a focus on results and building the foundation for long term growth. 

How Does It Work?

After you complete the interest form (by clicking the green button below), Blake will reach out for a call to learn more about your business, challenges and goals. Should there be alignment, Blake will create a custom proposal for partnership in alignment with the scope & impact needed to drive results.

The Ease & Elevation Experience

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