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How much time each day do you spend thinking about your feelings? Not thinking about what you’re feeling…but thinking about what lessons might be waiting underneath to be unwrapped? Every emotion we experience is a gift, and it deserves acknowledgment. The challenge is to know when we’re ruminating on negativity, permit ourselves to feel it, and then…surrender and let it go. Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment®, Blake explains why feeding the negative allows the darkness to outweigh the light. In order to transform emotions into lessons, we have to make sure we don’t get stuck in a cycle of rumination. In this episode, you’ll hear a parable that will help you learn to identify which emotional wolf you’re feeding... Read more

Raise your hand if you consider yourself a perfectionist. This prompt likely pushes a lot of hands into the air, and it’s even more likely that this “perfectionism” has been touted as a badge of honor. The truth is that perfectionism isn’t doing you any favors. In fact, it’s probably holding you back.  Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment®, Blake welcomes Dr. Gregory Chasson, PhD, ABPP, an esteemed psychologist, board-certified cognitive-behavioral therapist, researcher, and educator.  As an international speaker, he helps organizations, communities, and individuals address mental health challenges, such as perfectionism, using practical and feasible strategies. In this episode, you’ll learn how perfectionism permeates corporate America, and why that’s not actually a good thing for workplace culture. You’ll discover... Read more

Does everything about your life feel complicated? If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone. In our society, we’ve turned complexity into a type of social currency that’s rewarded. Work hard! Overcome obstacles! Do the impossible! But what if all of this difficulty and complexity could be washed away? What if the struggle wasn’t necessary to achieve your goals? What if life could just be easy? Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment®, Blake poses this very question, asking you to apply it to your life. It’s possible that the hills you have to climb to get where you want to be have easier routes than the ones you’re taking. In this episode, you’ll learn why we’re conditioned to think... Read more

Are you facing challenges that have put your anxiety levels on high alert? Do you feel like you’re in a creative rut? Do you want to become a better leader, but you’re not sure where to begin? These may be different issues that stem from a variety of places, but there is ONE solution that can tackle them all simultaneously.  And the process is actually fun! Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment®, Blake welcomes Mary Lemmer, a creative impact-driven entrepreneur, consultant, humorist, and global speaker helping leaders and companies innovate, navigate change, and thrive in an unpredictable world. Improv comedy has helped Mary go from frazzled and anxious to calm, confident, and more joyful. She has now been teaching others... Read more

Do you need something big to change in your life, but no matter how you divvy up the hours in your day, you just can’t find enough time to devote to the process? What if you could create the changes you’ve been looking for in a fraction of the time? What if you could regain control of your time and find more space for the things that really matter… in just 15 minutes a day? Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment®, Blake is doing something she’s NEVER done before, and she’s calling it the Calendar Rescue Challenge. In an effort to help more people take control of their time, space, and energy, Blake is giving away the very first step... Read more