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Join Blake every Thursday for inspirational success stories, eye-opening coaching advice and expert interviews to help you create a more fulfilling career & life. Our mission is to change women’s perspectives about what is possible, empowering them to create greater impact at home & at work WITHOUT sacrificing their health, time, family or income.

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How many times in your life have you felt stuck, trapped, or unsure of what to do? That tiring cycle has a name: analysis paralysis. And the reason it feels so tiring is because it causes us to run circles around questions, trying to find answers that we just don’t have. Feeling stuck costs us time, energy, and unnecessary levels of stress.  Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake explains why we so often get stuck in these cycles and why it sucks so much energy from our lives. She shares why it happens and provides the necessary tools to help you get unstuck from the loop. In this episode, you’ll learn how to recognize your patterns when it comes... Read more

When the time comes for you to make a big decision, does your mind immediately go into overdrive?  If the pressure of decision-making causes your palms to sweat, your shoulders to tighten up, and your thoughts to race uncontrolled, then you should know that there is another way to handle these stress-inducing situations. Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake reveals what’s really going on when we feel overwhelmed in the face of big decisions. She explains why feelings of anxiety take over and how you can clear the path toward better, calmer decision-making. In this episode, you’ll learn why the roots of anxiety that cloud our decision-making process show up, and how to reframe those feelings in order to... Read more

As women, we’re all different. So, rarely does a one-size-fits-all approach apply. But when it comes to creating a movement, then the best thing you can do is follow in the footsteps of women who have found something that works. And today’s guest has done just that. Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake welcomes Megan to share her story. After changing roles but continually finding herself in the same place, she decided to seek the expert advice of a career coach. She knew that if she wanted to make a true career transition that offered her work-life balance, she would need to invest in herself as a woman. In this episode, you’ll learn how Megan got so much more... Read more

Embracing uncertainty doesn’t come easy for most people. But what if stepping into the unknown could actually lead you to the change you’ve been seeking? Opening the door to the unknown could end up being the greatest opportunity of your life. Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake explains why uncertainty brings new opportunities to light. Rather than viewing change as something scary, a shift in perspective can start moving the pieces of your life into place and allow you to create life on your terms. In this episode, you’ll learn why taking leaps that feel uncertain tend to bring up fear and other uncomfortable emotions. You’ll discover how career coaching can be a valuable tool in navigating the unknown.... Read more

Do you sometimes feel like you’re sleepwalking through a life that you didn’t choose? The truth is that if you’re not following your own path and aiming to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself, then you’re the one who pays the emotional price. If you find yourself bargaining too often, second-guessing yourself, or quietly pushing through things you don’t want to do, then you’re likely experiencing misalignment. Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake walks you through the thoughts and feelings that result from a life and career that is misaligned. Holding back on your unused potential means you could end up paying the ultimate price. But you have a choice. You can create the life you want.  In... Read more