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Join Blake every Thursday for inspirational success stories, eye-opening coaching advice and expert interviews to help you create a more fulfilling career & life. Our mission is to change women’s perspectives about what is possible, empowering them to create greater impact at home & at work WITHOUT sacrificing their health, time, family or income.

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When it comes to decision-making, do you usually start by asking the people in your life what they think you should do? While it might seem like a good idea to gain outside perspectives, sometimes your own feelings can get lost in that sea of advice. Not only does so much extra input have the potential to blur your own thoughts and feelings, but it’s also time consuming. Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment Ⓡ, Blake explains the importance of having real confidence when it comes to making decisions, and how that confidence can have positive effects on other areas of your life. In this episode, you’ll learn why decision-making can be so challenging for women. You’ll learn specific steps... Read more

As women, we’ve all faced challenges when it comes to balancing demanding careers with the needs of ourselves and our families. These competing responsibilities can make it feel like we’re stuck to the floor, preventing us from even attempting to break the glass ceiling.  But it’s important to understand two things: You have more power to influence your workplace than you think you do.  There are leaders and organizations out there that won’t ask you to sacrifice what matters to you in order to do impactful work. If you’ve ever felt guilty about leaving work early even though you’ve had a productive day, or felt pressured to remain at your desk until the clock strikes 5, then it’s time to... Read more

Has it been a while since you’ve felt the ease of being “in flow”? Do you feel like you’ve lost your momentum and don’t know how to get it back?  If you’ve felt burned out, drained, or exhausted at the end of the day, then your momentum may not be moving in the direction you want.  Today on The Bridge to FulfillmentⓇ, Blake explains why the direction of your momentum is such an essential part of building the life and career that you want. In this episode, you’ll hear about the risks of losing momentum and how to recognize your momentum rhythm. You’ll learn to identify the activities that give you momentum, and how to use that information to move... Read more

Do you feel unfulfilled in your job but wonder how big of a change you’d need to actually feel happy & fulfilled again by the work you do? We often assume that a huge shift is necessary…but the truth is that even small shifts can have a HUGE impact. When Melissa’s friends and family started telling her she wasn’t herself, Melissa knew that her dissatisfaction at work was a big part of the problem. She knew something needed to change, so when she joined The Bridge to Fulfillment® program, she came in fully expecting to quit her job and emerge in a completely new role by the end… But then something unexpected happened. Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment Ⓡ,... Read more

Unhappy or unfulfilled in your career but wondering if it’s too late to make a change? Here’s the thing – we spend ⅓ of our lives at work, so if your job leaves you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled at the end of the day, that dissatisfaction is affecting much more than just your work life. Today on The Bridge to FulfillmentⓇ, Blake shares her advice when it comes to making a career change. She explains why the cost of staying in the wrong job ultimately far outweighs the uncertainty you might feel about making a change, and how you can determine if it’s truly “too late.” In this episode, you’ll learn the role that recency bias might be having in... Read more