Thank you for your interest in being on The Bridge to Fulfillment® Podcast!

We’re honored that you want to share your expertise with our audience.

The Bridge to Fulfillment podcast is intended to inspire, educate and show women what is truly possible for their lives when they align their skills and passions with the career and life they are meant to lead, without sacrificing their time, health, family, impact or income. 

We are focused on serving women in the business/corporate world.

Before you apply, please take a look at this list we put together to help you identify if your story and expertise is a fit for our audience…

Guests of the podcast either share…

    • expertise to help women lead more balanced & fulfilling lives, elevate in their careers & maximize their value in the market without sacrificing their time, health, income or impact.
    • personal stories of overcoming challenges, removing limiting beliefs & achieving fulfillment through aligning work with their skills, passions & natural way of working.

NOTE: We do not feature entrepreneurship transition stories NOR topics directed at helping women build their own businesses.

All guest interviews are done in a casual, storytelling style that focuses on authenticity, vulnerability & growth.

Past guests on The Bridge to Fulfillment® podcast include:

Dr. Jeff Spencer, founder of The Goal Achievement Roadmap & Advisor to some of our generation’s greatest achievers (from Tiger Woods to U2, Bulletproof to Nike & Lance Armstrong).

Malorie Nicole, Growth Mindset Coach & Host of the Abundantly Clear podcast, a top rated podcast on Apple & ranked #1 by Forbes for career podcasts in 2020.

Netta Jenkins, author and DE&I Expert, named by Forbes as “one of the top 7 anti-racism consultants in the world” and featured in CIO Views as “The Top 10 Most Influential Black Women in Business to Follow in 2021.”

Leigh Mitchell of Bee Happy HR, Canada’s leading Diverse Talent Recruiter/Promoter and Brand Strategist is proudly known as the “Queen Bee” of recruiting and retaining women within workplaces.