A Husband’s Story: The Hidden Cost of an Unfulfilling Career with Kevin Cross

Ep: 66

It can become really easy to believe you are doing the right thing for your family by staying in a career that is comfortable but no longer fulfilling. Why should they suffer or have to give up things just so you can be happy…but what if you “sucking it up” is actually causing more harm than good?

Kevin Cross was no stranger to career unfulfillment even before he watched his wife battle with it. With a lot of work, both Kevin and his wife Melanie supported each other through their individual career crossroads, and now Kevin is happy and motivated to share his experience and let it inspire others.

On this episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake sits down with Kevin to talk about the effects an unfulfilling career has on everyone – not just the person in the job itself – as well as what it actually costs to take care of others over yourself, the truth about taking back control of your life, and recognizing the worth of an investment in yourself and your own happiness. Listen in for the unheard other half of a common story.


You’ll Learn

  • How we receive what we’re meant to receive, when we’re meant to receive it (and how to take advantage when it happens)
  • Why vulnerability is necessary for couples trying to navigate a stressful place in someone’s career
  • What we can learn, about ourselves, our families and our careers, from COVID-19 and time spent in quarantine
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote

“I just think it’s such a tremendous opportunity to take inventory of where we are, where we want our lives to go and to be more deliberate, believe in yourself, have courage and believe that if you’re doing truly your best work and something that you love doing, you will do it so much better. And the level of success you’re going to experience is going to be beyond what you can possibly fathom.” Kevin Cross


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