An Inside Peek into The Bridge to Fulfillment (Amanda’s Story)

Ep: 129

When you know it’s time to make a change in your life and career, it’s inevitable that questions begin to arise. Is this actually the right program for me? Is this the right person to help me? Is this the right path for me? Will it be specific enough for my individual needs? How do I know it’ll work?

In today’s episode, Blake welcomes Amanda, a client who was at first skeptical of the program, but quickly realized how it was exactly what she needed. When Amanda came to us, she was completely burnt out, chasing the usual corporate dream when she finally decided it was time to gain clarity about what she really wanted. Within the first month of the program, she experienced a shift that her family and friends noticed immediately.

Today, you’ll hear exactly how the program works and the high level of tailored support you receive throughout the process from a client who at first thought it was “too good to be true.” This is an inside look into how one woman learned to set boundaries, stop feeling guilty, and take the first steps on her path towards finding a better company culture and thrive.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What led Amanda to seek a clearer path to change (3:54)
  • The two manifestations of a breakdown moment (9:57)
  • Answers to the questions you’ve been asking yourself about this program (12:27)
  • Why learning how to ask Empowered Questions will change the way you communicate (18:05)
  • How the program has changed Amanda’s life (20:31)
  • The number one reason people don’t succeed with their companies (24:36)
  • Why finding the right job is like finding the right partner (28:21)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. “This wasn’t just something that was happening to me. It was a pretty normal situation and a lot of women are going through it.” —Amanda
  2. “There should never be a moment in this journey when you feel alone.” —Blake
  3. I am more positive. I am excited about the future, and I wasn’t before I entered this program. I was nervous about the future, I didn’t know what was going to happen.” —Amanda
  4. “Oftentimes, I see women interviewing for jobs and they are so focused on wowing the company, ‘Will the company like me?’ And the problem with that is we don’t show up as who we really are. We show up as who we think the company wants us to be.” —Blake

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