How Araceli Went from Trapped in Her Career to a World of Possibility

Ep: 56

The wrong career can make you feel like the walls are closing in, and the idea of getting out to find something better can feel next to impossible. In fact, the change you’re after isn’t far off – the process starts with the decision to get out of your own way.

Although she had built up a successful career in retail, Araceli found herself unfulfilled and seriously overworked. She recognized the need for change and it set her off on a journey to transition her career into a new industry that more closely aligns with her talents, goals and values.

On this episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake and Araceli give us an in-depth look at the fears and struggles faced by a woman in the midst of a career transition and offer wisdom on separating your professional accomplishments from what makes you who you are as well as redefining happiness on your own terms to reach true fulfillment. Listen in for a new, positive outlook on the road ahead.


You’ll Learn

  • How Araceli came to realize that she was standing in the way of her own success – and what she chose to do about it
  • What the 5-minute rule can do for you in terms of setting boundaries
  • How the commonly glorified idea of sacrificing yourself for a job cripples all of us
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote

“Now, every time I look at my future, it’s more about the possibilities and not about the doubt, which is so freeing.” Araceli


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