Are My Skills Unique Enough to Stand Out?

Ep: 114

When was the last time you felt skill-envy? Maybe someone at work has a talent you admire, or you have a family member who’s a better cook or more crafty than you are. Experiencing a touch of jealousy every now and then is normal. But, how often are you looking in the mirror and reflecting on the skills you do have?

In today’s episode, you’ll find a healthy dose of encouragement that’ll remind you of the skills you already possess. If you’re feeling trapped in your career, recognizing the talents that come naturally to you is the first step towards real change. When you’re able to see your own value, you begin to see how your unique special sauce is transferable in ways you haven’t considered before. Rather than downplaying your gifts, turn them into the keys that’ll help you move towards positive change!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How our assumptions of being ordinary cause us to overlook our true talents (1:10)
  • Turning the tables on your doubts and recognizing your worth (5:16)
  • Using your work skills to connect the dots in your life (7:09)
  • Recognizing the beauty of being at a crossroads (9:25)
  • How to stop feeling trapped and start aligning with what you want (10:52)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. You can’t see the label from inside the bottle. And that is so true. The things that you are naturally gifted at, your “secret sauce” transferable skills are extremely difficult to see on your own.
  2. When you’re able to understand the synergy, when you truly understand how you create success and what you naturally just do in all areas of your life, you can finally see yourself. You can connect the dots of your life.
  3. Oftentimes, we get stuck thinking when we’re unfulfilled that a tactical thing will fix it. “Do I just need a great resume”, “I just need to know how to position or communicate myself in the market”. And yes, those things are helpful, and they’re important. But, if you don’t fundamentally understand who you are, what you value, the impact that you make, and you don’t understand how to align those things, you’re just kicking a can down the road.
  4. Far too often, we play small, we stay stuck, we compromise or we believe we’re trapped because we cannot see the value we truly have.

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