Protecting Flexibility while Gaining Career Growth & Income: Ashley’s Journey Transitioning Back to Full-time Work

Ep: 133

Often, we feel like we need to settle in our careers. We think that if we have ONE desirable thing, we can’t possibly ask for more (OR that we have to trade one for the other). For example, if you already have the flexibility you need, you might be afraid to reach for the growth you desire out of the fear of sacrificing what you already have. But with clarity, confidence, and support, you really can achieve that growth, without sacrificing the flexibility, if you just know how to communicate and position yourself to stand out in the market.

In today’s episode, Blake welcomes Ashley to share her story. Before joining the program, Ashley already had the flexibility of remote work to her advantage. She had been working part-time for the last 9 years so she could have the flexibility she needed for her family, but felt like she was sacrificing her growth and income in exchange. Through the program, she was able to maintain the flexibility she needed while simultaneously achieving growth in her career AND more than doubling her income. She learned how to take the next steps by leveraging her skills and knowing how she worked best in order to transition into a new industry. The best part? She achieved all of this in just 2 months!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Being clear about what you need in your next job (5:30)
  • Why being good at something doesn’t mean it’s what you should be doing (8:52)
  • Discovering your secret sauce (20:25)
  • Why transitioning into a new industry might be easier than you think (22:43)
  • How confidence can help you pave the path forward (33:10)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. “You have to kind of go along this journey of reflecting and learning what your life’s goals are, your non-negotiables, what you’re willing to sacrifice, and what you’re not willing to sacrifice.” —Ashley
  2. “Just because you’re doing something well at work, doesn’t actually mean that that’s what you’re best at doing.” —Ashley
  3. “If you’re just mindlessly applying to all of these different positions, you’re wasting your time. There is a better approach.” —Ashley
  4. “There’s an art and a science to networking. And if you don’t have that secret sauce pitch, or you don’t understand or have clarity, just talking to somebody won’t open the doors for you.” —Blake
  5. “I knew that I was worth more, that I wanted to grow, and I wanted to be compensated for what I knew I was worth.” —Ashley
  6. “Work should be something that you’re passionate about. And that work should be something that allows you to lead the life that you want and have the balance that you want.” —Blake

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