Taking Care of Yourself & Avoiding Burnout

Ep: 4

“Self-care is not selfish, it’s actually the kindest thing you can do.” – Blake Schofield (14:06-14:12)

Blake Schofield
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For today’s entrepreneurs, burnout is a major threat to their success and wellbeing. Our lives can quickly fall out of alignment with core values, leading to mental, emotional, and physical fatigue. In more severe cases, burnout contributes to health problems that have lasting effects self and family.

By adopting new perspectives and beliefs around work, and using proven tips to create balance in your life, it is completely possible to avoid burnout while staying healthy, motivated, and profitable in our businesses.

The problem with work/life balance is that you’re always trading off one thing for another.” –  Blake Schofield (2:29-2:33)

Many entrepreneurs quickly discover that their business is the primary focal point in their lives.  They lose their sense of fulfillment, feeling like they’re on a never-ending hamster wheel. Business owners and employees find it hard to disconnect from work. The tactics once used to manage life may soon stop working. Avoiding burnout comes down to ideas and beliefs around work.

Create a Life of Harmony and Align Your Work With What’s Meaningful

The following are the four areas to consider in order to avoid burnout:

  • Self-care
  • Boundaries
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Consistent habits

Realigning your activities is critical to your success in the long run. Making decisions based on guilt or thinking that being a martyr makes you a great mom or wife are signs that your life may not be aligned with your core values.

“Avoiding burnout comes from accountability and taking responsibility. Build the right habits and challenge the misbelief that you’re not worth time for yourself…because you are.” – Blake Schofield (32:12-32:34)

Giving yourself a break is the greatest gift you can give to those you love. But the only person who can make the necessary changes in your life is you. Below are some essential steps to creating a life that’s in harmony.

Self-Care. Ask yourself what beliefs have kept you from giving yourself the care that supports your wellbeing. Identify the things that excite and challenge you, and organize your time to prioritize them. Have at least two self-care rituals you can do on a weekly basis. Assess the state of the spiritual, creative, social, and mental aspects of your life so you can build them up.

Boundaries. Where are you taking on more responsibilities than you should be? If you see that some areas of your life are being sacrificed for others, find out why. Identify the fears and worries causing you to take on unnecessary responsibilities. Create boundaries that allow you to meet your own needs while meeting the needs of those who rely on you.

Clarity of Purpose. Are your activities aligned with its values and mission? Does your business support your family and other relationships? When you get clear on your purpose, you can eliminate the things that aren’t aligned with your values. You’ll avoid spending time on things that don’t support your personal and professional goals.

Consistent Habits. Break down your schedule. Do you start your day in a rush and struggle to get your priorities in during the day? Are evenings occupied with responsibilities at home? When you see how your spending your time, you can repurpose it and do more of the things that are meaningful to you. Track your progress over time and look back on the things you accomplished. Set short-term goals to keep you moving forward while keeping your activities in balance with your needs.

Entrepreneurs often expect things to be perfect. But they’re almost never going to be. Avoiding burnout requires you to be accountable to yourself and take responsibility for what you create each day. Challenge misleading beliefs and build new habits and behaviors so you create a business, family, and life that are in harmony with you.

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