Ban the Guilt: How to Enjoy the Summer With Your Kids AND Get Stuff Done

Ep: 17

“Guilt puts us in a victim  mode, which means we stop looking for solutions because we start assuming that things are out of our control.” –Blake Schofield (1:42-1:51)

Working moms are crunched for time more than ever during the summer season. We struggle to keep up with work and other responsibilities while trying to give our kids a memorable summer experience. But with the right perspective, we can do all the things that matter while taking care of ourselves and creating a summer full of lasting memories instead of feelings of guilt.

“When we live in a place of guilt, it creates patterns of behavior where we’re not present and enjoying our lives.” – Blake Schofield (7:04-7:13)

Avoiding the Guilt Trap

Have you ever found yourself falling into victim mode when you can’t give your kids the summer experience they wish they had? We have a habit of prioritizing everyone around us without taking care of our own needs. This makes it hard to accomplish the things we need to get done.

As a working mother who helps other working moms, I know how easy it is to convince myself that summer should be a certain way for my kids. But we often base this on our own experience instead of what our kids actually say they want. That’s why we need to understand what matters to our kids instead of focusing on what we think summer “should” look like.

Changing Your Summer Perspective

Sit down with your family and find out what’s important to them. Each person should pick one or two activities they want to do during the summer so you can prioritize the things that are meaningful to everyone.

See if you can have “summer Fridays” at work where you leave early or work from home. This flexibility lets you create more balance with your kids.

Prioritize your work schedule so you tackle the big things first. Set high-leverage times during the day where you focus on your goals. This could be the first hour of each day when you concentrate on the things that give you the best results.

Outsource time-consuming activities you don’t need to do. Grocery delivery and prepared meal services free up time you can spend with your kids doing summer activities.

“It isn’t about the time you spend with your kids. It’s about ensuring they feel heard, valued, safe, and important.” – Blake Schofield (6:29-6:39)

If you work close to home, schedule lunchtime breaks where you spend quality time with them on the days you work. This lets them know you’re thinking about them and making an effort to create those special moments.

We have to overcome the fear of not doing a “good enough” job with our families. I often try to be the perfect mom to my kids. But this can be exhausting, and it sets me up for failure. Instead, we can achieve success by finding out what works and what doesn’t work.

Don’t try to create the perfect summer experience for your kids. Don’t try to show up as someone different than who you really are. When you let go of perfection and feelings of guilt, you show up as your best self for your kids. More importantly, you enhance your role as a businesswoman, mom, wife, and a friend to those you love.


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