Break the Cycle of Overwhelm

Ep: 138

What if, instead of constantly feeling overwhelmed, you were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate your success?

What if, rather than never feeling like you have enough time to do something just for yourself, you actually had “me” time to refresh and rejuvenate?

Imagine a life where you finally felt like you were in control, you could sit back and celebrate your achievements, and life didn’t feel so…overwhelming.

If that sounds great, but you’re thinking “that’ll never be me,” then today’s episode is just the fuel you need to spark change in your life.

For high achievers, overwhelm seems like it’s just par for the course, but normalizing consistent cycles of feeling overwhelmed isn’t the answer. Rather than settling for a quick fix, real change means getting to the root of the problem. But often, we can’t see it because we’re lacking the tools (and the time) to make such a big shift on our own.

Today, Blake asks you to think about what it would feel like if you were in control. What would it feel like if you woke up every day with peace of mind and truly felt accomplished? In this episode, you’ll learn the effects that feeling overwhelmed can have on your life, and the false assumption you might be holding on to about why you can’t reduce the responsibility that you’re carrying. She also shares an exercise with 5 tips that will help you identify what would need to happen in order to create change.

It’s time to recognize that something needs to change and you can do something about it.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The long-term effects of overwhelm (0:38)
  • What you can do when you’re feeling overwhelmed (1:00)
  • Our false assumptions about change (4:12)
  • How to take action and reduce your stress (5:46)
  • What it means if you’re consistently feeling overwhelmed (7:06)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. If you are a high achiever, you may ultimately end up spending a significant portion of your life in overwhelm, paralyzing you from the very changes you need in order to create a happier, more peaceful, and more balanced life.
  2. What would it feel like if you were in control, you had peace of mind and you truly felt accomplished?
  3. It’s important to connect to what we want to feel and what that would look like so that you can really identify what would need to happen in order to create that change.
  4. We’re assuming that we have to do certain things, we’re assuming that it’s going to be painful or complicated or take a lot of time, we’re assuming that we have to figure it out all on our own, we’re assuming that nothing can change. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.
  5. By allowing yourself time to process through your current situation, what options you have, and prioritize what will make the biggest impact, you can begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.
  6. If you find yourself consistently feeling overwhelmed, there are likely tools and knowledge that you’re missing that are keeping you stuck. But you can shift those. You can get support.

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