Bridge Stories: Your Answer to Communicating and Maximizing Your Value

Ep: 86

Do you know what makes you special? Knowing and expressing our past experience, gifts and what we bring to the table in our careers is one of the hardest parts of making a successful career transition – and it’s also one of the most vital.

On this episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake dives into the practice of building effective bridge stories, including ways you can discover and communicate your unique set of transferable skills, developing clarity about your individual value (your experiences, lens and wants or needs) as well as about the environment around you (target skills and criteria that companies are looking for), and reducing friction while creating synergy to find the fulfilling career step you’re seeking. Tune in to get clear on what makes you uniquely you and how to show all that brilliance to the people who need to see it.


You’ll Learn

  • Why the simple willingness to outwork everyone else at your job is not part of what makes you unique
  • What mistakes women often make when trying to position and market themselves well while interviewing for jobs or even just networking
  • How to go about asking the right questions to find the right job for you, rather than focusing on “fixing” your resume
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote

“The skill of understanding who you are, how you naturally work best, what that right environment is for you and how to understand, how to communicate that in a way that really builds that synergy and helps the other person clearly see it as if they were watching a movie, will open up so many doors for your future – so many doors today and so many doors tomorrow to really enable you to maximize your potential, get on the right path and really be able to stand and live in your value.”

 – Blake Schofield


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