Brittany’s Story: FROM Stuck in a Holding Pattern TO Reigniting & Aligning her Career

Ep: 116

When you’re just embarking on the career phase of your life, oftentimes you don’t really feel like you have much control. Most people think it’s too early to start thinking about a long-term growth strategy. But if where you are isn’t making you happy, then staying on that path another few years probably isn’t the best way to achieve the kind of success you’re seeking, whether that’s your professional title or your personal aspirations.

In today’s episode, Blake talks to one client who chose to take the reins and direct her career in the direction that would set her up for the kind of success she wanted to achieve. Brittany was not even 10 years into her professional career when she decided it was time to seek more direction. You’ll hear her impactful story of taking charge and how she found the courage to ask for exactly what she wanted from leadership. You’ll also learn the importance of discovering your why, and how that knowledge can help take you in a direction that brings greater fulfillment to both your personal and professional life.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How feeling career stuck can affect your personal life (4:39)
  • If the price you’re paying is worth the sacrifice (6:31)
  • How to save time by asking for help (8:34)
  • Why we’re not always capable of creating change on our own (13:53)
  • How clarity will help you regain control of your career path (15:55)
  • Why changes don’t have to be huge to make a difference (18:17)
  • An example of a limiting belief (20:23)
  • Understanding your “why” (25:13)
  • It’s never too early to start paving building your bridge to fulfillment (28:11)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. “When we go through big transformations in our careers and lives, it’s both an emotional and a tactical journey. And this is why oftentimes, we believe we can do it on our own. But we really struggle to, because number one, we have blind spots, so we can’t see right. And number two, there are limiting beliefs or fears or patterns that we’ve been living in that we will repeat. Unless, we have something that interrupts that and shifts that for us.” —Blake
  2. “We actually control a lot of what we believe and we have the ability to challenge what our beliefs are.” —Blake
  3. “It’s very easy to set your targets a lot lower than, like what you deserve, and what you are truly capable of achieving.” —Brittany
  4. “You gave me the advice of ‘Clarity plus empowered action can lead to endless possibilities., and I truly took that to heart and started seeing it in my day to day, whether that was in my stuff outside of work or my stuff inside of work, I was actually able to see that difference and realize, ‘Oh, I wasn’t in a good place, then. That’s okay. I needed that growing experience in order to get to where I’m at now. And I know not to sell myself short again.’”


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