Brittany’s Story: Close the Gap & Transition to Your Dream Career NOW

Ep: 140

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and other times, it delivers them by the truckload. When the unexpected happens, and it feels like we’re just not catching any breaks, that’s a good indication that you’re ripe for a transformation.

Today, Blake welcomes Brittany to the program to share her story of change, and how this program has helped her recognize and step into her unique potential. A newly single mom who was suddenly forced out of her job, Brittany was doing her best to support her daughter while simultaneously going through a divorce. Like many women, she believed that in order to make a career change, it would require years of building skills and experience, perhaps even a new degree, in order to find what she truly wanted to do.

But thankfully, a little voice inside of her knew better. She took action and reached out to see what she might find if she dug a little deeper into her true values. After only 45 days, she was able to find the flexibility she wanted through remote work that allowed her to uplevel from a manager role to a director-level role.  All WITH unlimited pay incentives!

In this episode, you’ll hear how Brittany did it, and how you can tap into her real-life inspiration so you can finally reach for what’s possible in your life and career!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Where Brittany started and why she felt compelled to start the program (2:21)
  • Why changing jobs just wasn’t going to be enough this time (6:20)
  • How Blake saw beyond Brittany’s fears and recognized her potential (11:39)
  • Recognizing your strengths to market yourself authentically (18:21)
  • How Brittany’s exciting new role ticks all of her natural talent boxes (23:25)
  • How the personal depth of this course made it different from previous coaching experiences (26:43)


Favorite Quotes:

  1. “I think a really great tool, when you find yourself in that position, is to find somebody that is able to coach and guide you there. I lost the ability temporarily to get myself there. It was almost fate that led me to you.” —Brittany
  2. “I truly believed that if I did not make that investment, I would end up taking a job out of fear; a job that I wasn’t going to be happy with, was not going to fulfill me, and maybe not even have the values that I wanted a company to have. Maybe I’d take less pay out of desperation because “any pay was better than no pay” in my head…but I knew better.” —Brittany
  3. “When you have the confidence to understand who you are as a person, where you add value, and how to show that to people, you don’t show up as that person that says the same canned thing that everybody else says. And that’s why you stand out.” —Blake
  4. “As women, and even as little girls, we’re taught not to create waves, and to make everybody happy. And as a result of that, we aren’t always showing up as our authentic selves.” —Blake


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