Brittany’s Story: Close the Gap & Transition to Your Dream Career NOW

Ep: 140

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and other times, it delivers them by the truckload. When the unexpected happens, and it feels like we’re just not catching any breaks, that’s a good indication that you’re ripe for a transformation.

Today, Blake welcomes Brittany to the program to share her story of change, and how this program has helped her recognize and step into her unique potential. A newly single mom who was suddenly forced out of her job, Brittany was doing her best to support her daughter while simultaneously going through a divorce. Like many women, she believed that in order to make a career change, it would require years of building skills and experience, perhaps even a new degree, in order to find what she truly wanted to do.

But thankfully, a little voice inside of her knew better. She took action and reached out to see what she might find if she dug a little deeper into her true values. After only 45 days, she was able to find the flexibility she wanted through remote work that allowed her to uplevel from a manager role to a director-level role.  All WITH unlimited pay incentives!

In this episode, you’ll hear how Brittany did it, and how you can tap into her real-life inspiration so you can finally reach for what’s possible in your life and career!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Where Brittany started and why she felt compelled to start the program (2:21)
  • Why changing jobs just wasn’t going to be enough this time (6:20)
  • How Blake saw beyond Brittany’s fears and recognized her potential (11:39)
  • Recognizing your strengths to market yourself authentically (18:21)
  • How Brittany’s exciting new role ticks all of her natural talent boxes (23:25)
  • How the personal depth of this course made it different from previous coaching experiences (26:43)


Favorite Quotes:

  1. “I think a really great tool, when you find yourself in that position, is to find somebody that is able to coach and guide you there. I lost the ability temporarily to get myself there. It was almost fate that led me to you.” —Brittany
  2. “I truly believed that if I did not make that investment, I would end up taking a job out of fear; a job that I wasn’t going to be happy with, was not going to fulfill me, and maybe not even have the values that I wanted a company to have. Maybe I’d take less pay out of desperation because “any pay was better than no pay” in my head…but I knew better.” —Brittany
  3. “When you have the confidence to understand who you are as a person, where you add value, and how to show that to people, you don’t show up as that person that says the same canned thing that everybody else says. And that’s why you stand out.” —Blake
  4. “As women, and even as little girls, we’re taught not to create waves, and to make everybody happy. And as a result of that, we aren’t always showing up as our authentic selves.” —Blake


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Blake Schofield Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment. I’m really excited to have my client Brittany, sharing her amazing success story. And I think she’s gonna have a new take and a new perspective for those of you guys who have been listening for a while. And for those of you who are new to the bridge to fulfillment, I hope that her story is just one of many that you hear of women on this podcast really inspire you for what’s possible for your life. So welcome, Brittany, so excited to have you. Hey, welcome, thank you, I’m excited to be here. This is so much fun. I often say when clients come into the program, it’s like, you know, our goal is to have you come in and be the next client success story. And it’s fun when it comes to fruition, and especially as quickly as it’s come to fruition for you.

Brittany Yeah, I remember actually, when you said that when I first started, so here we are. Yeah, it’s great. Great to be here.

Blake Schofield Awesome. So will you share a little bit with the listeners, and share a little bit about like, your background and what was going on in your life when we connected just a couple months ago?

Brittany You bet. So you, you and I first started talking in August, and that was just a few months before where we are today. I had had I guess if you will kind of a rocky summer. So it started with becoming a single mom. So my my ex husband and I had filed for divorce and was going through all that transition with my personal life. And it led to a lot of fear and uncertainty, of course if you know, just stability, and you know, things have been a certain way for so long, you know, with having a partner and going in the in the one person for my daughter, and, you know, it’s certainly scary. Couple that with a few months into the separation process, finding out that the employer that I worked for, who had actually recruited me to, to come and fulfill my job and to be a leader of, of the facility that I was supporting, had decided that I was no longer the right fit for the role. They were, you know, telling me that they’d rather go in a different direction in terms of culture for the team, and that, that I needed to start seeking other employment. In fact, they were I guess, a little bit more blunt than that. They had said, you know, basically at I had to go and it was either you know, I could resign and have a couple of weeks to gather things and you know, look for other employment or of course, my employment will be terminated. So all through my career, I have been a high performer. You know, if you look at performance reviews, I’ve never ever received anything other than the exceeds expectations, writing. So to hear something like this was of course, almost like a death blow to me. My career is very important right there next to my family. So this was really crushing. And I had, you know, a lot of a lot of feelings at the time, there was fear. Because as I shared, you know, my personal situation and becoming a single parent, you know, I have to provide not only for myself, but for my daughter, and then also just, you know, kind of, I guess anger that I was in the situation because the job I had before I loved I had launched a facility created a team and actually truly felt like family. So when this company recruited me and you know, it was a it was a month long process for them trying to get me to fill this role. It was a very, very hard decision to make. And then ultimately, I felt like I had made the wrong decision, you know, because of where I was at in July and August. So when when we met, needless to say, but there was a lot going on. So I was fearful. You know, I wanted so bad to reframe what was happening to me and make it a positive situation, you know, and I’d work I work in human resources and my human resources career has supported manufacturing, and I wanted to get out of manufacturing and do more of a corporate support or ideally support startup organizations. My experience before where I’d started up but a new facility for a company I love it, you know, so I was you know, I came to you and I was like, I need clarity a bit on what to do. In addition to my HR career, I also had partnered into a real estate business with my ex husband and so had experience both with property management as well as you know, flipping properties and selling them for capital gain. And are you know, I’m never asking, you know, I’m successful at this is this a career option for me, you know, but I really enjoy helping and educating people and you know, there’s there’s still Certain passion that I have for you know, working with businesses and corporates to so help help me figure it out. So I would say ultimately, I came to you with an open mind, but still had a lot of fear and reservations about my situation.

Blake Schofield Yeah. I haven’t talked about that what we do is help women find the right next path for their career as opposed to just finding the next job. Yeah, you were in a situation that nobody wants to be in, right? a tremendous amount of pressure change, financial pressure, kind of all culminating at one time. What led you to seek help, as opposed to just trying to find another job similar to what you’d been doing?

Brittany Well, you know, it, it felt like, I had too, too much on my plate really, to see clearly. So clarity was really important to me. You know, for a few years, I’ve really valued meditation and visualization techniques. And I just felt with all that I had going on in the, in my life, I couldn’t even get to that point, in my day, my daily practice that I just wasn’t seeing clearly. So what what is always, you know, I think a really great tool, when you find yourself in that position is to find somebody that is able to coach and guide you there, you know, I kind of like lost the ability temporarily to get myself there. And, you know, I really, it was almost fate that led me to you, I think, even while looking on LinkedIn, and job searching, I saw something about your program. So it was like, well, frantically searching, you know, and applying for any job I could find. And knowing that wasn’t smart, but out of fear doing it anyway. You know, I was like, hey, maybe I should fill this out for an info call. You know, because my, my heart My gut was telling me, I mean, I knew what I was doing, was it the right actions, but fear had led me to those, right. And so it just, it was really neat. Like I said, that we came across your program. And I guess having it inside of me to know the actions I were taking weren’t going to get the results that I needed, but not really having the clarity to know what else to do, or having somebody to kind of coach me into the right direction, you know, as what I needed.

Blake Schofield Now there was a I know, we connected it was like, I don’t know how you felt, but I immediately was like, Oh, my gosh, she’s the right person for this work. And no, I can help her. And there was a period during that process, when I thought that the amount of fear that you had about your financial situation, the amount of uncertainty that you had, might actually stand in the way of you doing what was right and best for you. What do you remember about that timeframe? Oh, you’re talking? And did you mutually feel the same way of like, yes, this is the right thing. But there was all this stuff in the way I did.

Brittany Yes. So I’m so glad you brought this up. Because I you know, talking with you, even just after the first phone call, I knew it was absolutely right to partner with you and let you walk me through this program and understand where I should be and the steps I should take to get there. financial concerns were my primary, I guess, hesitant factor if you as what made me so hesitant to join and, and it’s so weird for me to say that because, you know, I had built my career up to where I was very happy with the financial situation I was in the real estate business was great, and allowed me a lot of comfort for that, too. So it had been a while since I had felt concerns around money, you know, but losing my job, the divorce coming up uncertain where mediation would fall. I just had a lot of concerns. Right? The investment was, you know, I didn’t think it was unreasonable at all, it was just Could I afford it? Right? And is it is it right for me to take that habit of investment in myself when so much is so uncertain. But what what led me to do it is I truly believed that if I did not make that investment, I would end up taking a job out of fear, a job that I wasn’t going to be happy with. It was not going to fulfill me and, and maybe even have the values that that I wanted the company to have. Maybe it was less pay, you know, out of desperation because any pay was better than no pay in my head, but I knew better. I knew it wasn’t. And I knew my value. And I knew that I could get a job equal to or greater than the one that I had. And then of course, like we taught, I’d worked in manufacturing HR. I know there’s 24 seven support with that. I wanted out of that, you know, I wanted something remote, I wanted something where I could be home with my daughter more, you know when she’s sick, be able to care for her and support her and not feel the guilt that come across with not being able to be physically on site to support my team. And I just believe that if I made that investment, I would get the Clarity I needed in the focus, I needed to find what was the right fit for me. And, and in the grand scheme of things, when I looked at my savings, which, again, you know, I’d been in a place where I was very financially secure. And so even the amount I had saved, I was like, This is nothing compared to like what I had, you know, but breaking down, you know, my monthly expenses. And what I had, you know, I actually realized through talking to you that I had at least six months to where I could live with no changes in, in anything that I have to pay for. And then as I was living eating out, you know, my regular spending habits, and I was like, I had enough faith in myself say, you know what, I’ll have a job, a job, a good job that I want in six months, this is easy, you know, so let’s go ahead and do it. Like, let’s let Blake and the team guide me to the right fit. And and that will help me with the stress and worry and the fear that I’m feeling now.

Blake Schofield Awesome. Thank you for that. Yeah, I know we even you and I even broke down to really understand what your situation was, was this actually, in your best interest? What were the options, you had to be able to protect yourself? And I’ll never forget one of the very first emails you sent me when you started the program. And you got in because some of the work we do at the beginning of the program is to help you understand your financial situation and put you in a place of control over that. Right? Do you remember that?

Brittany I do. I was like I did the exercises. And now I feel so much better. Like you’ve helped me realize that my fear was, you know, just irrational. Yeah.

Blake Schofield And you know, it’s normal. Right? But, but it’s, it clouds, our ability to see things because I look at a situation you were in, right? Nearly single mom out of work. And I know that the average job search for people, right? at your level and without clarity is a year. Yeah. But what you couldn’t see, because you were so fearful of what you were trying to hold on to is the risk of doing this on your own was significant, a year’s worth of income, which you weren’t in a position to do, right? But there’s always that fear, because we’re not seeing the whole picture. And then understanding Okay, if I do it on my own, which feels safe, because I’m holding on to my money right now, but I’m not actually looking statistically, right? That that’s the riskiest thing I can do. And that’s just to get you to your point to the next job, not the right job. And how do I know that because women come to me all the time, nine to 12 months into that next job that they took out of desperation with a pay, cut and everything else, and they’re miserable. Yeah, but you couldn’t see that because you were so stuck, where you were to be able to understand that getting support from an expert would drastically speed up your ability to get the right job. And then it would actually be the thing that you want, where you are valued, and you’re getting the money that you want. So I love hearing you say that because when that came through, and you were like, Oh, I feel even so much better. Now that I’ve looked at it, I was like, ah, we’re finally past that for you where you can get out of the fear cycle and get in.

Brittany I was only a few days into the program at that point when I sent you that email. I remember.

Blake Schofield So as you kind of started on this journey, tell tell me a little bit like looking back on the journey that you’ve been on in the last I mean, it’s really it’s been about two months now. But it was actually only 45 days for you to land your role, which is pretty amazing. So I’m alluding to you guys listening, you’ll get to hear a pretty amazing story in a minute. What are some things that you feel like you’ve learned through this journey about yourself? Or you learned that we’re different than you expected?

Brittany Yeah, so one one thing that I have realized and this is just very simple, we learned it in the very beginning of the program, but when we talk about control and clarity is how much I value a schedule and mapping out my day mapping out tomorrow today and then of course sticking to that schedule because it can increase my productivity and my focus just by building in also some downtime, but then also knowing I’m doing exactly what I need to be doing and and now also you know, I guess spoiler alert, but I am working remotely and I’m I need that to make sure I stay on track but then also a positive it with this remote role that I have is I have way fewer interruptions so I’m able to stay focused and on track and complete things in a much faster timeline than I’ve ever been able to as well. So that’s one thing I’ve learned. When other other thing that I repeat to myself daily is that we should let our actions come from our hopes, not our fears. And of course when I started the program that was direct my my driving focus was out of fear, right? It was it was scarcity. It was fear that was driving my actions. Another thing that I’ve learned is being able to think about my job search from what I want. And thinking about the culture of the place that I want to work, what I want my work schedule to look like my freedom, autonomy, my ability to take control and, and making that be my search, and not just applying for any job, especially the ones that aren’t going to give me that. So doing the research on the companies know what I’m looking for making sure that I’m meeting with the right people that are going to be either allowing me that autonomy or you know, creating that for me, so that I can get an honest take on whether or not this is a fit for me. You know, the place I was just a couple months ago. And of course, that that avenue of fear was leading me to just apply for anything, and I knew better but you taught in the program, exactly what we do need what is our motivational style? What areas do we thrive in? How do we work best what, you know, doing the exercises, and thinking about our ideal career, and our ideal work environment really puts a lot into place, you know, and, you know, you, you get to the questions part of interviews, and you know, historically in my life, it’s, you know, tell me why you work for this company, or tell me about the culture always the questions that I wanted to ask, but now I’m asking pointed questions to make sure that what I want in my career is what they’re going to give me you know, so I’m I’m setting it up to make sure that the autonomy on a the freedom they projects and the ability to you know, really lead and control is there, you know, they’re not just painting a picture for me, too. So I’ve really changed that perception and perspective of the interview process as well.

Blake Schofield So oftentimes, I think, I hear I hear all the time from women, that they’re fearful that what they want doesn’t exist, or that maybe we’re asking for too much, right? It’s certainly something that kept me stuck for a really long time. And in fact, I was telling you right before we started this, that I just had a call with a woman who literally said that to me, like, I’m just afraid it doesn’t exist, because I haven’t been able to find it. And I think there was a lot in your journey that you were struggling with that as well, especially because you are someone who needs a really high level of autonomy to be able to create your own structure and would that even exist? What have you learned about that in this journey? And how is that shifted your ability to create what you want?

Brittany Yeah, so one of my long term career goals, and this this started probably right out of college, I was to be a consultant. And when I say it started right out of college as my first job out of college was a consultant for an organization that I belonged in, in college. And I love the role I traveled the country by myself without a two suitcases and had the complete autonomy to go on my missions and deliver what I needed to do right. And I love that lifestyle. So you know, right after that, that job I started researching becoming a consultant and basically anything that you would read like oh you need expertise and experience and become a subject matter expert and you know, I have colleagues that you know, works for this organization as well on a built careers as consultants they were all saying hey, you’re going to need to get in a niche and you know, do it for so many years and then probably partner over to one of the big consulting firms and then work your way up again and so it seemed just like such a big process right? So I knew it was something that I always wanted to do but just felt like it was not not even reasonably within reach at the moment right. So with with the program and starting to think about my motivational style and the way that I work and what I what I look for and makes it a fulfilling and work environment for me. It pointed me back to consulting I mean and really learning about how to market your skills and use your bridge story to get into a place that’s not comfortable because maybe you don’t have the experience that they say they need on the job description or you know you you don’t necessarily know how to translate manufacturing experience to a corporate world or whatever it may be that they’re looking for your program is helped with that right so I feel like I was finally able to confidently market myself I’ve known all along I could do the job but some so many times it’s either who you know or how you sell yourself right and that is the two things that I really needed to learn from the program if I was going to end up in my dream job today you know, so I you know it This one wasn’t necessarily who I know at all, but it was how to market myself and I was given the creative opportunity to do so. I applied for the role. And the first thing I wanted and it’s almost one of those things when you when you’re applying for jobs. It seems to be I guess maybe trainee these days that before they even want to talk to you phone screen, that they send you a list of things and you can either opt to respond or not, maybe to see how serious you are. But this was one of those opportunities where they’re like, okay, you know, if you’re really serious about this role, show us what you got, you know, provide us with some marks and there’s some videos, you know, of you pitching or selling, or, you know, all this stuff. And I was like, Okay, you know what I will. So I actually took the time to do it, because it really did feel like the right company in the right role. But again, you know, it was it was able to showcase those skills to them, and in a unique way, that I don’t know that with, without your program, I would have gone into it with blinders, because some of the examples I gave them, were with my real estate business, you know, I sent him a video of me on the news as a local real estate expert talking about the market and how I had grown the business and, and actually they they shared, that is one of the exact reasons that I ended up in the role that I’m in is because not only do I have the HR knowledge, background and expertise, have I worked for the right companies, but I have that entrepreneurial spirit too. And that’s what’s going to make this person in this role, just really sale, you know. So it’s it’s so funny that I kind of took a chance and was just like sending them what I thought felt right. But really, it was kind of against what I would have typically done, and that ended up paying off for me in the end. Yeah,

Blake Schofield I love that. There’s what you talk about, I hear all the time, you know, through this process, right? You learned your secret sauce, transferable skills, you learned your secret sauce pitch, and that secret sauce pitch and how you communicate is 100% your unique fingerprint for success. And it’s the thing that nobody else can say or repeat that speaks to who you are. And I had a client recently tell me that, that’s after she finished the interview process and got the job, they said they’d never seen anybody that had such a unique approach of how they communicated things, right, and it stood out. And I love hearing that from you, too, because it’s the same thing, when you have the confidence to understand who you are as a person, where you add value, and how to show that to people. You don’t show up as that person that says the same canned thing that everybody else says. And that’s why you stand out, right? There’s a synergy that’s created through doing that. And I think so many times in corporate as women and even as little girls, I think we’re taught to like, not create waves, and make everybody happy. And I think as a result of that, we aren’t always showing up as our authentic self. But for me, a huge part of this is how do you how do I help shine the mirror so that you see who you really are, you see your brilliance, and then you can communicate that to other people. And I love that that’s essentially what you did, which created synergy because the role was exactly the right fit for you and how you work best. So with that said, Can you share a little bit again, remind the audience’s listening? What were you doing before? And what are you doing today?

Brittany Yeah, absolutely. So previously, I was supporting manufacturing HR. As I aside HR leader, so for a manufacturing facility, been doing that for a few years in various roles and companies and capacities. Currently, I am working as a consultant actually at a director level role, so from manager to director with an increase in my base salary, but also with this role, and I guess that’s part of the entrepreneurial spirit that they were hungry for, is I have the potential to also make additional money, which I’ve never had before in a corporate manufacturing role. You know, it’s your salary and maybe a bonus if you hit certain KPIs in this role, you know, I do have the opportunity to bring in new clients bring in new business and share in, you know, the, the the cost of those contracts. So it’s really unlimited potential if, you know, if I’m willing to engage and connect and network, which I am, you know, and I already have a decent sized network, and I’m actually so not only will I be consulting, but my niche that I just mentioned, that I was so hungry for, which is startups and being able to help startups that’s exactly what I’m doing. So my clients are going to be in in their infancy stages of a company, sometimes I might only be one employee, the founder and CEO, one of the companies that I’m getting ready to start working with is just 30 employees and they have a plan to grow to 2000 in the next like 24 months so this is exactly what I love to do. And you know, it’s all hands on deck approach. It’s building systems processes, culture from the ground up, you know, it’s it’s talking with those leaders and understanding where they want this, this culture to go where they want the business to go, and then how do we get there, right. And it was such a magical experience for me to be able to do that in some previous roles. And now I’m going to get to do it daily over and over again with new clients. So it gives me variety. I’m working from home, there’s some travel, of course, that’ll be built to my schedule, which is perfect, because I love to travel. But I’m able to have that remote base work. And I actually do feel, at least so far, but i think i think it’s a tale of what’s to come as well. But I feel completely in control of my work, my clients and who I’m able to work with my time how I manage my day, how I show up and support and it’s just incredible for me to feel that way. Because that’s when I’m able to do my best work. So it it’s an it’s tremendous opportunity for me, I also want to share Blake, so you know, I kind of mentioned I’ve got this dual career, if you will, in real estate. And a lot of the financial concerns that I had when we first started was around, you know, one, of course, I’m losing my job, which has always been like my, my number one like I know, I’ve got that income coming in no matter what. But then also was the uncertainty around the real estate business too. And with your program and the things that that I’ve learned, I also started to reframe my idea about the real estate investments that I did keep after the divorce, and really the philosophy and the model that we were operating on isn’t really what sets my heart on fire. So using those skills around clarity and just setting a vision, I’m actually going ahead as well and selling some of those properties to turn 31, which is fancy real estate term and basically taking an investment and then upleveling into another investment. So I’m taking them and actually going to purchase at least two short term rental properties, and tourist towns and trauma and short term rentals, which was something that we had never done in our portfolio before but with something I was so hungry for. So again, I’m super excited about that. And then just the financial uncertainty, not only do I have a great job and have really increased my income through the consultant work that I’m doing, but the real estate situation again, as well, I’m going to be able to take a a $36,000 annual grossing property and uplevel it into a property that’s going to gross 90 to 100,000 a year. So it’s not just that career side, but the real estate side as well. I’m super pumped about two.

Blake Schofield Oh, I love that so much. So if you think back to what you thought, I’d love to hear your thoughts, what you thought this program would be, and you would get out of it, versus what you’ve gotten out of it just two months later. Yeah. Okay, what do you say?

Brittany Good question. So, you know, I don’t know that I expected off the cuff. The coursework, I thought there would be maybe, maybe more talking and less reflection on myself. And I’m so glad that the coursework requires reflection, because that’s exactly what was needed. And I think my assumption of that like to start out was because, and I shared this with you when I first met, so the company I’d worked for, had actually paid for, again, high performing employees. So I was one of those, and they get this news was just such a shock to me, but high performing employees was able to go through coaching, and the company sponsored that for them. And so I had had a coach for six months. And you know, we had talked about vision and values, and it was all talking, you know, so it’s all we did, there was not a lot of reflection, like reflective activities are things that really lead you to soul search and understand you like homework really are skills besides the coaching calls. So that has been so valuable to me, because I wasn’t doing that in my previous coaching scenario. And I feel like the conversations were great. And I really did love my coach too. But that was just the nature of their program was to meet and to talk, it was on about really getting me to deep dive into myself and understand at a whole different level. So that is what I didn’t expect. And it has again, I went through six months of coaching there 45 days into, you know, your program. I’m in that job, I’m in that dream role that that I did not expect to have at this stage and in my life. So I’m very grateful for the format of your program. And that you do you do ask us to do a lot of work and a lot of soul searching.

Blake Schofield Yeah, I talk so much and I think it’s hard for people. A lot of people have never worked with coaches before. But I’ve also had clients like you who’ve worked with other coaches or coaching programs. And I think people assume that they’re a one size fit all right, I have this coach experience and that didn’t work for me or I didn’t get what I wanted. And I often tried to explain to people that what we do is vastly different than what’s out there that it’s so much more holistic and Then what exists in the career coaching space in the life coaching space, I even have a lot of clients that come to me after going to therapy. And yet, the results that they get here are drastically different drastically faster until my degree had knowing that you had that experience of doing six months somewhere else. But still, after that six months didn’t have clarity didn’t really know where you wanted to go. Why do you think, why do you think this is different than what else is out there?

Brittany I think there’s a few things. So one, this is this is your business and your dream and your mission. And your goal is to help women get clarity, and to gain control of their lives and understand their value. You know, just the coaching program that I went through, it’s a, it’s a company, it’s a corporation. And even though it is fantastic that their mission is to work with companies to get coaching to the masses, it’s, it’s not always their mission and vision to be sure that every person feels I left change or more clarity around, you know, the program and the outcome, right? I’m sure there’s tips and tricks and things along the way that everyone learns. So their program, but it’s not meant to really say, Hey, we’re going to take you in, we’re going to level you up in whatever area that it is, you know, and by the end of this program, like you are going to have the insight and clarity that you need in order to make the right decisions. So it you care, and that is your mission for us. Also, again, I think it’s it’s the content, the way we approach it. So we have a cause we have group settings, I’m able to connect with other women. You know, I’ve been part of two calls now where either we’re networking to help each other out, or somebody is like, I’m stuck. And I have no idea where to find this information. And it’s my like, don’t be stuck, I have actually did that exact same thing here. Let me guide you, you know, so there’s the network that this program creates. And then, you know, I think it’s because the, we are all coming here almost for the same reason, like you are focused on career, right and leveling up the career or getting women into what’s something that’s more fulfilling for them. Again, the program that I was in, there was like eight different functions, like I gotta have a mindfulness coach and nutrition coach, a sleep coach, a general coach, you know, so it’s just very broad, it’s focused on the whole person. And, and sometimes, you know, General work is great, but there’s also you know, the the four core areas of a person that needs self work, relationships, finances, career, you know, spirituality, we need to focus and hone in on those one on ones adrift, you know, you really do need a specialization. And of course, I think the women that come to you in this program, are feeling that their career is, you know, either misaligned or adrift, right. And so we want that specific feedback and that clarity, and that focus that you’re going to provide there.

Blake Schofield Thank you. Let’s see, I felt like I had one more question. But it literally just went out of my head. So I will ask you, Brittany, is there anything that I have not asked you yet that I should have? Or anything you want to share that you haven’t?

Brittany You know, I don’t know if I got specific enough about this. And I wouldn’t want to share this just for the listeners out there. You know, I said coaching was or consulting was my dream. And being able to help and develop people has always been something that I’ve, I’ve wanted to do. And I just felt like it would come years down the road. But the reason for that is that question my skill set, you know, and then I guess it’s maybe I talked a little bit about, you know, people telling me it would take years and specialization, but again, thinking I didn’t have the skills needed, but you taught me that? I do, right? I’m a high performer, I’m a high potential I have all of this experience, how does it translate to the dream job I’m looking for. And so that has been super valuable for me. Because even when I wasn’t in the situation that I was, even when I was very, you know, confident in my career and having a job. I still didn’t feel set up for success to my plate like that. I still thought it was way too far away. I’d be like jumping to the moon. So it’s it’s great to know it was possible and then how to get there.

Blake Schofield Thank you. Now I remember the last question I wanted to ask you. Hopefully it does not go away right after I said that. Which of course is going to Oh, it was this. So you shared earlier that not just did this program enable you to like rapidly, get clear on what your skills are, how you work best what that right environment was how to communicate and position yourself and trends in and ultimately like move into a new role in 45 days, which is amazing. And you guys listen Right, the average job search takes 12 months. That’s for people in the same type of roles. We’re talking in 45 days, Brittany changed industries, she changed type of work right into her dream job. But then you also shared how this impacted how you looked at other parts of your life, including real estate. And so oftentimes I talk about how the work we do is really foundational. It’s not just about right, moving you to the night, not next right path, although that certainly is why people come to me, but the things that you learn to this program about yourself, the skills that you gain are things that you’ll use likely for the rest of your life. Has that been your experience? And if so, what are the things that you are taking away that maybe you didn’t think that you would that you now go, Oh, yeah, I’ll use this for the rest of my life. Continue to impact me in in ways years to come.

Brittany Yes. So again, a year program I guys have learned. And I think even when I’m doing my weekly reflections, I keep saying this is one thing I need to, like, work on. But is when I when something like goes wrong or doesn’t, you know, go the right way, sometimes I get like anxiety about it right? And, and what I can do and what I’ve learned from the program is I’m not okay, so I guess a better way to say it is I don’t deal well with uncertainty. Okay. So it’s like, I don’t know really what’s gonna happen. And it’s in my career, or something that’s important, not just day to day spontaneity, I don’t deal well with it. So morning magic, which is something that’s in your program that I just absolutely adore is something that I’m going to keep forever, because it helps me every day, every morning, just to come to grips with myself, think about my affirmations, my goals, who I am and who I want to be, and to make sure that my actions reflect that through the day. And I’ve even found myself throughout the day, if I get to one of those points where nothing’s going right? Or it’s just a Monday, right? That I go back and I’m like, I’m going to look at my morning magic, the template that, you know, I’ve drafted just to kind of give me some inspiration and get me back on track, right? Because I want to come to my day from a place of calm clarity and abundance, and I just need to gently remind myself of that, when I say my actions are, you know, I’m just gonna let you let something completely derail me. Also, you know, the the calendar and blocking my time, and then just making sure that I’m always advocating for my worth and my value, I think that’s one of the most absolutely important things from the program that that I’m walking away from is knowing what skills I bring to a team, being honest with myself to to say, Hey, you know, what, I’m going to set a boundary, and this isn’t really something that aligns with, with what I’m looking to gain. So let’s just not do it, you know, I’d have it previously before I found myself on all kinds of boards, you know, because I had a problem saying no, and people you know, would would ask me, and I would say, Sure, and I don’t ever see myself doing that again, right is if I can’t add value to what they’re looking for, and it’s not going to add value to me, then we should just not do it, you know, and then of course, when I think about career, is to make sure that I am articulating my words my value, and making sure that I’m making decisions that are reflective of of what I want in a career not just out of desperation or, or money or whatever might be the motivating factor.

Blake Schofield Awesome, thank you. So what I hear you say as you’ve learned, life skills that you use to set your day up for success that you have learned how to put in the right habits, tools and boundaries to create a calendar that allows you to do what it is that you care most about right on a day to day basis. And you’ve also learned to be able to say no to things that don’t align for you in a way where you feel empowered to do that to spend your time on the things that do isn’t right and then I guess the final one is, you understand your value and I can’t underscore that enough for those of you guys listening is oftentimes I hear women go I hear you talking about owning your value. I think the vast majority of women have no idea how to do that. And it completely changes the game when you understand and you can feel confident in oh I can come here and this is the value I can add and this is where I spend my energy because this is what I’m good at. And you stop trying to be everything to everybody and you just really shine and what you’re good at That’s what I heard from you. Is that true?

Brittany That’s a good recap of what you said you. I feel like you summed it up beautifully. So yeah, I wish I could have said it like you did.

Blake Schofield You did a beautiful job. I just took your words and and reframed them how I heard that. Yeah, but thank you. Thank you so much for being here and sharing your journey. Like I said, it’s just been so It’s an honor to be a part of this journey with you. And I’m so thankful that you honestly were really open and honest with me from the get go. Because like I said, there were moments at the beginning of this where I was like, I know this is the right thing I know, I can help her. But I saw the amount of fear and anxiety and things you were really struggling with where you were. So you couldn’t see the big picture because you were so nervous. And so thank you for allowing me the opportunity to talk through that with you. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you see your brilliance and to be able to impact people in the way that you’re gifted to impact people. It’s just an honor to see you here a couple months later able to spend the time with your daughter able to have the flexibility to have the peace of mind to be able to really be creating the life that you want. And so the pleasures absolutely been mine.

Brittany Thank you.

Blake Schofield Absolutely. Well, thank you guys for listening and hearing Brittany’s story today. I hope that she inspired you and maybe opened up you know, a possibility for two or two for you about what you really want in your current life. If as you listen to Brittany’s story, you really feel like you can relate that you’ve like you’re struggling with some of the same things she was struggling with. And ultimately you’re lacking the clarity or the knowledge about what’s that right next step for you or how to be able to communicate your skills. To be able to create the future you want. I encourage you please reach out and connect. We’d love to see it for how we can help you to really be able to understand what are the right steps for you to create a more fulfilling career in life on your terms. And until next thing until next time. Have a great week.