When Changing Jobs WON’T Make You Happy

Ep: 124

We hear a lot about work-life balance, but how many of us are actually living it? If you can’t keep your mind from sneaking back into the office, no matter where you are, that demonstrates a lack of balance. It leads to disconnection not only from your family but also from yourself.

In today’s episode, Blake explains why changing your circumstances doesn’t always solve the problem. If you can’t shut off work at the end of the day, it might really boil down to a lack of understanding about how you work best, what you need from your career, and what you truly want your life to look like.  Many of us also lack the boundaries & habits that are required in order to achieve a better work-life balance. So today, you’ll hear important insights about change and how you can take the first step towards understanding what balance truly means for you.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why changing jobs doesn’t always solve the problem (1:50)
  • The pitfalls of searching externally for career satisfaction (4:02)
  • An important lesson about change (6:46)
  • What you need to know about yourself in order to create meaningful change (9:57)
  • How to take the first step towards finding better balance in your life (12:17)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. My biggest lesson in leaving corporate and starting my own business was that many of the behaviors, many of the frustrations that I had in corporate followed me.
  2. When you’re misaligned with the wrong culture, the wrong way of working, the wrong type of leadership… that absolutely has a significant impact on your personal happiness, your career happiness and your ability to have balance. But ultimately, the biggest lesson I learned was that I was a part of the problem. It wasn’t just my circumstances, it was also me.
  3. Things don’t change by circumstance alone.


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