Feeling Undervalued? Owning & Communicating her Value Doubled Dawn’s Income

Ep: 137

Do you ever feel like you could be doing so much more, but your company just isn’t seeing your potential?

Feeling undervalued or underutilized is an issue many women are experiencing. Perhaps you feel like your skills or efforts are constantly being overlooked. It leaves you second-guessing what you’re capable of and questioning whether you’re in the right role.

In order to be seen and fulfill our potential, we have to know what we’re good at.

Knowing where your strengths lie holds the key to unlocking your true value. When you’re able to communicate them effectively, change has room to grow.

Today, Blake welcomes Dawn Marchand as she shares her experience of success through the program. Her journey began with a desire to take action after feeling undervalued & underutilized in her previous role. In only 4 short months, The Bridge to Fulfillment helped her pinpoint her unique skill-set, seek out a company that could benefit from it, and ultimately land a personally curated role at a salary that went far beyond her expectations.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Dawn overcame her fears before joining the program, why she eventually made the leap, and the positive ways that it’s impacted her life so far. You’ll hear how she learned to communicate her value in a way that inspired the company to create a custom-made position just for her. She also shares how she’s made an impressive 20 times the ROI through the program so far!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Dawn made the decision to start the program (2:13)
  • Moving beyond the 2 most common fears women face about creating change (8:00)
  • How doors open when you’re able to truly communicate your value (10:25)
  • What it takes to ensure salary negotiations go in your favor (13:02)
  • Why The Bridge to Fulfillment stands apart from other programs of its kind (19:51)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. I think you’re very gifted at understanding the makeup of someone and what makes them successful and how they operate. And, I think that’s a very unique gift that you have personally that I don’t think other people in the same line of work have. -Dawn
  2. Our realities are determined by how we habitually perceive ourselves and who we are in our roles. So, if I kept telling myself I was not going to find the right role, or it wasn’t going to work, then it wasn’t gonna work. -Dawn
  3. This program has kind of given me a voice, and it has really given me my own voice. -Dawn
  4. Far too many women believe that in order to move into a role where they’re doing fulfilling work, or they have the balance they want ,or have the things that they want, that they can’t also have the type of income that they want. -Blake
  5. Far too many women are thinking negotiation is just about what happens when they give you the offer. But the reality is, it starts at the very beginning. -Blake
  6. You come in with one idea or one perspective, a small glimpse of what it is you actually want. But through this process, we get really clear on who you are, where you’re talented, and what the right environment is- and how to actually use that to maximize all of the parts of your life.

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