How to Achieve your Biggest Goals, Even in Challenging Circumstances with Dr. Jeff Spencer

Ep: 68

It’s a common story – you were so excited about losing weight with that new gym membership, and then you fell out of the habit a month later. Or, you had a great idea for a business and you never managed to get started. Or maybe you just need a change and aren’t sure how to take the first step. Whatever the case, there’s a formula for beating your limitations and creating greatness.

Dr. Jeff Spencer has spent 40 years as a coach, mentor, & advisor to some of our generation’s greatest achievers. From Tiger Woods to U2, Bulletproof to Nike and Lance Armstrong, he’s been the common denominator for reaching their highest potential, and he knows that achieving big goals doesn’t happen by accident; it comes from having the right roadmap & navigating the journey well.

On this episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake and Dr. Spencer explore the idea of preparing before we perform in the service of our goals, the Goal Achievement Roadmap framework, the misconceptions we have surrounding Imposter Syndrome – plus what’s actually happening inside us when we feel this way, and how to navigate calm, competent leadership in the midst of COVID-19. Join the conversation to start towards your goals the right way.


You’ll Learn

  • Why the end of the euphoric “honeymoon phase” signals progress, not failure
  • How to separate your champion mindset from your survival mindset and recognize them for what they are
  • What you can do right now to begin to regain some control over the uncertain circumstances we’re currently in
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“Everybody’s looking for a shortcut, but there’s really no shortcut to learning the skill of goal achievement correctly the first time.” Dr. Jeff Spencer

How to connect with Dr. Jeff

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