How to Overcome the Fear That You Aren’t Good Enough

Ep: 19

“You add value every day by being authentically you and sharing your gifts with the world. At the end of the day, that’s the reality.” –Blake Schofield (19:20-19:31)

Do you ever fight back the gnawing sense that all of your accomplishments, all of your success, isn’t enough. Or worse, do you ever feel like a fraud, just waiting for the people who surround you in the workplace to realize that you are an imposter? It seems counterintuitive, but I’ve found that so often even when we achieve the results we set out to achieve, we can still feel like we don’t deserve success.

The truth is, when you can’t see the full potential you already have, it will negatively affect your ability to make the impact you want because you don’t step into that value. This can rob you of the joy you could otherwise experience. You live with the fear that what others see isn’t what’s actually real, just waiting to be “found out.”

“Almost every high performer I’ve ever met says that Imposter Syndrome is the most common thing. Almost everyone has it.”

– Blake Schofield (4:27-4:42)

Knowing the Signs of Imposter Syndrome

This fear has a name – Imposter Syndrome. Imposter Syndrome is the idea that despite all of your achievements, you still feel like a fake.

Below are some signs that you might be struggling with this common roadblock to success.

The fear that you aren’t good enough manifests in many ways. Some people downplay their achievements, while others can’t accept compliments or recognition. If you worry that you’re not as smart as people think you are and that they’ll eventually figure it out, you may be struggling with Imposter Syndrome.

Many successful women attribute their success to their circumstances instead of their own talents and skills. The fear of not being good enough is common among women who want to transition into a new career. They ignore past successes and think they won’t be able to achieve the same results.

The biggest risk of Imposter Syndrome is accepting less than what you truly deserve in work, at home, and in life. It creates an uphill battle for working women who end up struggling to prove their value.

Getting Over the Fear

Imposter Syndrome is rampant, and can be debilitating, but thankfully it can be overcome. The first step is to get to the root of your fear.

Spend some time this week thinking back to experiences where you received the message, “I’m not good enough.” Then ask yourself if that was REALLY true. Allow yourself to reframe those experiences to pull out the truth about yourself.

You carry a unique set of skills, insights, and experience. This makes you so qualified to give value in ways that others can’t.

Beyond recognition of talents and skills, it’s crucial to allow yourself to believe the truth that you are enough simply because of who you are. Without this truth, you’ll always be chasing down fulfillment, always chasing down the desire to just be enough.

You don’t always have to have all the answers or be perfect to show up and add value to whatever you do. Overcoming limiting beliefs makes you truly successful in a way that will allow you to enjoy the life you have. When I allowed my focus to focus to my passions, those things that really light me up, I found fulfillment AND success.

“We have to wipe away the perspective that you have to be good at everything. That’s not true. You just need to be exceptionally good at what you’re uniquely gifted to do. That alone will make you successful.” – Blake Schofield (18:56-19:09)

Learn to enjoy the journey and feel excited about getting up each day to be challenged and engage in your passions. Are you standing in your value and your accomplishments? Overcoming the fear of not being good enough lets you accept how others see your achievements while recognizing them yourself. You are not an imposter. Allow yourself to step into the unique gifts, talents, and experiences that make you so qualified to give value to others. This is a huge step in the bridge to fulfillment.


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