Getting Your Health & Energy Back with Belldon Colme

Ep: 46

Belldon Colme is a metabolic cellular biologist, best-selling author, speaker, and coach who focuses on balancing body chemistry to help clients reclaim youthful energy, lose weight, and achieve optimal wellness goals. He is also the founder of the wildly successful Nutritional Fitness™ program. He’s proud to reveal that more than 92% of his private clients keep the weight off for the long term — and that success rate has set a new standard in the weight loss industry.

In this episode, Belldon discussed how he helped people improve their health, how to be aware of taking good care of our body, and of having a healthy lifestyle.


You’ll Learn

  • Identify what’s the most pervasive idea in weight loss and fitness.
  • Know the difference between surviving vs. thriving in microscale that’s happening in your body.
  • What is the reason why our body is holding on to excess fat?
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote

“Body fat is a function of malnutrition.” Belldon Colme

Connect with Belldon:

Click here to check out Belldon Colme website 

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