Independence and Freedom in Life and Business

Ep: 21

“You gain freedom by making the choices that align your life with what you truly want in the long term.” –Blake Schofield (24:15-24:22)

What does freedom look like? Do we become free when we’re no longer being pulled in all directions at once? Do we have the control we want when we’re no longer on the hamster wheel of an unfulfilling job? There are many ways to have freedom in life. Freedom can come from getting out of the cycle of perfectionism. It can come from overcoming stress, anxiety, and guilt. You can be free when you’re no longer constrained by worries about what other people might think of you.

“When you get the right mix of the different types of freedom, based on what you want and need, you achieve the freedom to live life on your terms. It’s the ultimate freedom.” – Blake Schofield (11:08- 11:20)

There are so many different types of freedom. Recognizing which are the most important for you, can help give you clarity on the next steps to take.

Freedom to control your time. Managing time can be one of the biggest challenges for working women. The freedom to control your time is even more difficult when you’re working for someone else. So it’s no surprise that many people aren’t able to maximize their time and align it with what they really want.

Freedom to live an authentic life. The freedom to live an authentic life keeps you from worrying about what other people think and the impact it has on your ability to feel valued and appreciated.

Freedom of peace of mind. Many working women begin to feel unsettled in their lives. When your life is aligned with your values and goals, you can feel your entire life shift into a place of peace of mind.

Freedom from stress and anxiety. Constant stress and worry can be problematic. A demanding work environment can create an ongoing feeling of being overwhelmed. But through the choices we make, we can control our response to stress and reduce anxiety.

Freedom from negative self-talk. Overcoming negative self-talk gives us the freedom we need to move forward in life. Taking the time to write down the things we tell ourselves can be a powerful way to identify and eliminate negative beliefs.

Freedom from fear. Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) can be one of the biggest success traps. Fear can drive the decisions you make. It can cause you to spend time over-analyzing decisions while ultimately never taking action. Conquering fear takes away its power.

“When you conquer fear, fear goes away. You create the life you want and realize that those fears aren’t actually that scary.” 

– Blake Schofield (10:39-10:54)

What’s Your Definition of Freedom? 

Once we define what our picture of freedom looks like, we need to recognize that we may be standing in our own way when we compromise our values and settle for less than we deserve. We need to consider the long-term impact of the limitations we place on ourselves.

Focusing only on the short term keeps you from getting out of your comfort zone and creating what you want in life. When you invest your time, money, and energy into the future you want, and you do it consistently, you reap all the rewards that are right there waiting for you.


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