Investing in Yourself: Inputs = Outputs

Ep: 23

“Believe in your vision more than you believe in anyone else’s doubt.” –Tiffany Smiley (7:36-7:40)

Many women don’t realize they have the power to create the life they want. It’s easy to look at others and think, “It’s possible for them, but not for me.” These limited beliefs create barriers that make it harder for us to achieve our goals and live the lives we want. But the inputs that you put in greatly impact your output. So we need to recognize when things need to change. We need to be able to take control of our mindset and invest in ourselves if we want things to change. We can use the help of a coach to become better at observing our own lives and the decisions we make each day.

“Investing in yourself is what will lead you forward into the future. That makes you unstoppable.” – Tiffany Smiley (18:22-18:30)

Tiffany Smiley is the co-founder of Hope Unseen and the founder of More Than Me. She believes in the power of sharing your story to change the lives of others. Tiffany is a public speaker, writer, and news contributor. She’s been featured on CBS, Fox News, and you may have seen her on the Dr. Phil Show. Tiffany’s work is built on her passion to give other women the space they need to grow and step into their purpose while making a positive impact on the world.

Become the Observer to Gain New Perspectives

The lives of today’s working women can be filled with obstacles. There may be times when you feel limited or stuck in a box. But in order to create change, we have to be willing to take a step back and observe what’s happening. This isn’t always easy. But it’s all part of the journey, and there will be signs along the way that encourage you if you’re willing to see them for what they are. Tiffany’s work with a coach helped her work on her internal game. She knew the importance of reaching out to others for help. This led her to create better habits and set new parameters in her life. Taking this approach doesn’t just benefit you, it can benefit your entire family, and your work or business.

Learn to Embrace Fear

When we set out to change something about our lives, we often become attached to the way it might turn out. But most successful people have learned that things usually turn out much different than how we first imagine they will. This often serves as a catalyst for real and lasting changes in what we’re doing. We fear failure. But failure is what makes us better the next time we try. Working with a coach can help you see things from new perspectives. When we can’t find ourselves, we often need someone else to guide us back to ourselves.

“You either win or you learn. Failure doesn’t really exist.” 

– Blake Schofield (24:50-24:55)

Fear never goes away. When you learn to welcome fear, you can step into your purpose. Instead of looking at fear as an obstacle, look at it as something that propels you forward. Embrace the mistakes and learn from them. There are many opportunities in life to love and appreciate yourself just as much as you do everyone else. If you’re willing to fully support your family and friends, why wouldn’t you do that for yourself? Recognize the beliefs you have that aren’t really true. When you do this, you can finally begin to live a more joyful and fulfilled life.


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