Is it the Right Time for a Change?

Ep: 81

“What we hold onto tightly is often what holds us back” – Wendy Pope

Uncovering the right time to make a career change is never easy…life always seems to be in the way – but take some time to ask yourself the right questions and watch the opportunities unfold.

On this episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake digs into the question of when the right time will be to make a change, including the signs to look for, the obstacles we believe are standing in our way, and why we have to let go of our career security blankets to move forward. Tune in for a little affirmation and a lot of motivation.


You’ll Learn

  • Why the “I’ll be happy when” excuse we all use isn’t based in reality, and how it holds us back
  • What you put at risk in your life when you try to tough it out in an unsustainable career situation
  • How starting a journey without a clear understanding of your value just leads you in a circle
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote

“You believe today time is a barrier to you. And that one day, if you get enough time, you can do it. I’m here to tell you that you already have the time, you just need to learn how to repurpose it. You need to learn the right skills, tools and habits that you’re missing, to enable you to get that better balance, even in the same circumstance.” –Blake Schofield


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