Pipe Dream vs Reality: Is What I Want Even POSSIBLE?

Ep: 120

While sitting at your desk at work, have you ever momentarily drifted away and imagined doing something different? Something more fulfilling? It’s a nice place to be, and it feels so much better than where you’re sitting now. Until suddenly, reality swoops in. Your mind and body fill with fear. The endless debate once again fills you with doubt. You think to yourself “It’s just not possible…at least not without taking a pay cut or starting over” and you shift your focus back to work that drains you.

In today’s episode, Blake is here to let you know that those daydreams and desires really are possible. You have the vision, you just need the roadmap to get you there. You’ll hear the stories of women just like you who thought what they really wanted from their careers just wasn’t in the cards. But with a little outside help, the right tools and advice, change happened. And it can happen for you, too!


What You’ll Learn:

  • Things women are really looking for in their careers (1:43)
  • Why we tell ourselves we have to sacrifice to follow our dreams (4:26)
  • The reasons we doubt that what we want is actually possible (6:17)
  • Why the advice you’re seeking might be coming from the wrong places (7:09)
  • Where your fear of change is actually coming from (10:04)
  • Women like you who’ve found career significance and financial success (12:56)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. “Never once have I ever heard a man say, I’m willing to take a step back financially so that I have more balance. I’ve never heard that come out of a man’s mouth, but I’ve heard it come out of woman’s mouth over and over and over again.”
  2. “The truth is that it is possible. You just can’t see that possibility because you cannot see the label from inside the bottle. We all have our own blind spots and limiting beliefs. And those very things are the things that keep us stuck, that keep us finding more and more dead ends. When it seems like there’s no solution, in fact there is… we just can’t find it on our own.”
  3. “Do you want to lose the dream of something you never have? Or do you actually want to bring to fruition what you truly want? Because it doesn’t have to be elusive.”


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