Kristin’s Story: FROM Unclear on Her Right Path TO Confidence & Clarity in Her Future

Ep: 32

“When your identity is so strongly intertwined with who you’ve become within a company, the thought of leaving can almost be like losing a limb.” –Kristin  (23:31-23:45)

Kristin found herself in a challenging place in her career. She was working for a large company, and she was the primary breadwinner in her family. At the same time, she was miserable in her job and felt unfulfilled. Kristin realized the path she was on wasn’t leading to what she envisioned for her life.

Kristin had to sacrifice precious time with her family. When she was home, she would be preoccupied with thoughts about work, and she wasn’t able to be present for her family. Growing up, Kristin’s family had played a significant role in her growth, and not being able to do the same for her own family was becoming painful for her. Her busy life was hurting her health and wellbeing.

But there were things about her job that made it very difficult to consider leaving and taking the next step towards a new life. She was making an impact within the organization, and she’d developed strong relationships with colleagues over the years.

“Women often struggle with an internal battle between who we thought we were going to be, and what our current path actually looks like.” –Blake Schofield (4:01-4:07)

Like many women, Kristin fell into a pattern of thinking that once she attains a particular position within the company, or has a certain amount of money, then she’ll be able to take time for herself and evaluate her priorities.

Leaving a stable job with a good income wasn’t easy. Kristin and her family had built up a certain lifestyle around her current salary. She specialized in her current role within her company, and it was unlikely that she’d be able to transfer her skills to another position in a different firm right away. Kristin’s friends saw the material success she enjoyed, and they couldn’t understand what was wrong. She felt alone and hopeless, and she didn’t know what to do next.

How a Late-Night LinkedIn Session Changed Everything for Kristin

One night while browsing LinkedIn at three in the morning, Kristin came across an article I’d published, and the connection was instant. For the first time, it felt like someone understood what she was going through.

Kristin called me and explained how she’d reached her limits. She told me she’d considered quitting and enrolling in beauty school, but she felt like she didn’t have enough money to buy herself time.

“You want to shift from feeling hopeless to feeling in control. That alone is absolutely priceless.” -–Kristin (36:21-36:47)

I quickly realized that money wasn’t the issue. Instead, it was a lack of imagination. So we worked together to shift her mindset and open a new world of possibilities. Within three weeks, Kristin felt like she’d regained control of her life. She was sleeping better and was now on the path to using her expertise to create a career that was financially sustainable and allowed her to spend time with her family.

Kristin built her bridge between where she was standing and where she wanted to be in life. Kristin had taken back control, and for many, that feeling alone is worth so much more.

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