Why a Less Stressful Job isn’t the Answer

Ep: 146

Are you tired of not having the balance you want in your life?

Are you feeling stuck in a work environment that’s toxic?

Often when we feel this way, our first impulse is to change our environment. We start searching for new jobs and tell ourselves that things will get better. But it doesn’t take long until we recognize the same problems starting to return.

A “change of scenery” or taking a step back in your career is rarely the answer. These are just short-term solutions to bigger problems, and until you address the root cause, they will continue to follow you wherever you go, into whatever job you take.

Today, Blake explains why the changes you seek won’t be found in new jobs or title changes. You’ll hear why continuing to make career compromises is a never-ending cycle that won’t lead to permanent change, and she reveals the reasons why stress follows you into every new role. When exhaustion and dissatisfaction follow you, job after job, it’s a clear sign that you need a fresh perspective.

Real change starts with learning new habits, creating boundaries, and learning the tools that will ultimately help you do your job differently.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How coaches and mentors can help shed light on the possibilities that exist (2:06)
  • Blakes journey of discovery, from job changes to mentorship (2:43)
  • Why simply changing your job won’t change your situation (5:01)
  • The lie you have to stop telling yourself if you want better balance (7:47)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. It wasn’t until I started out on my own and ended up getting coaches that I became aware that I was sacrificing things that ultimately would never make me happy. I was trading one thing for another. —Blake
  2. You may think that it’s the stressful job or the toxic environment that is making you unhappy and creating that imbalance… But the reality is, that’s only part of the situation. The other part of the situation is actually you. —Blake

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