Lessons from the Champion’s Experience [EXCLUSIVE]

Ep: 151

How long does it take you to make big decisions? For many, it can be a lengthy process that not only takes a lot of precious time, but often, the decision we reach turns out to be what we knew to be true all along.

But what if you believed in yourself and your success from the very beginning? If you could make big decisions in a matter of minutes? What if you could change your mindset right now and follow through on your desire for change? You’re capable of all of the above, and more. 

Today, Blake shares the lessons she learned from a recent event with Dr. Jeff Spencer, a former athlete who, at seven years old, committed to becoming an Olympian cyclist. At 21 years old, he competed in the Olympics, and soon after, he realized that helping exceptional performers tap into their highest potential was equally as satisfying to him as competing and winning himself.

Dr. Jeff Spencer has dedicated his career to coaching elite performers and helping them change their habits and strengthen their minds, giving them tools to consistently deliver even the largest goals and perform at the top of their game. He has worked with people like Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Dave Asprey from Bulletproof. He’s coached Olympians, Fortune 500 CEOs, and now, Blake herself.

In this episode, you’ll hear a brief rundown of some of the key concepts that really hit home for Blake. She talks about why we spend so much time in the process of decision-making, and why that long ordeal is really an indicator of a lack of trust in your own judgment. She also shares important reminders about being attentive to your physical state as life progresses. You’ll also learn why we’re conditioned to believe we’re more likely to fail than to succeed, and how to turn that thinking around.

If you’re in need of wisdom and motivation today, then these powerful lessons are sure to spark something profound and inspiring in you.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Some of the lessons Dr. Spencer shares (5:45)
  • Why it’s important to listen to your body as life progresses (10:01)
  • The tendency for humans to believe more in failure than success (14:41)
  • The most profound lesson Blake learned from Dr. Spencer (16:32)
  • Why the path to success is just about knowing the right next step to take (19:05)


Favorite Quotes:

  1. When you’re spending so much time over-analyzing and trying to figure out the right solution, you already knew the right solution from the get-go. You’re just thinking or feeling like you need to gather more information in order to validate what you believe is true.
  2. The longer you take to make decisions, the more likely you are to risk making the wrong decision.
  3. Every single problem we have in life has a solution. There is always a path forward.
  4. If you’re shooting for perfection, you’re setting yourself up to fail from the get-go because there’s no such thing.


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