How To Identify And Leverage Your Skills To Transition Careers

Ep: 77

Are you clear enough on what you want to be able to transition into a new career?  Maybe this sounds familiar:

“I could have told you that I wanted better work/life balance, to be more present with my family, work that felt challenging, creative & made a difference. I wanted work that allowed me to leverage my passion for developing and helping others.”

But if you are defining your next path by general standards like those, they likely won’t be enough for you.

On this episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake digs into leveraging your skills to successfully transition careers, the insights you need in order to make that life-changing move, and the small-but-impactful perspective shifts that can open up a world of possibilities. Tune in for an encouraging look at what it takes to seize the career you’ve been working so hard to reach.


You’ll Learn:

  • How our own perceptions of the roles we occupy in life can keep us stuck in the wrong place for too long
  • What mistakes driven women often make that slow their progress towards a goal (or just a good career move)
  • Why alignment within yourself and with the work is the golden key to a more fulfilling
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote

“So many people believe transitioning careers has to be a big leap or that you have to start over, but that really isn’t true. The foundation of your future is likely already sitting there. It’s just hidden in plain sight, and you can’t see it because you cannot see the label from inside the bottle.”  —Blake Schofield


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