Life is Happening FOR you, Not TO You with Guest L.Y. Marlow

Ep: 126

The events that take place in our lives happen in order to teach us something, and when we possess the courage to surrender to life’s lessons, we gain valuable wisdom that directs us towards our purpose. Life is actually happening for us, rather than to us.

In today’s episode, Blake sits down with L.Y. Marlow. Marlow is an award-winning author, sought-after empowerment advocate, and influencer whose life journey took her from a legacy of domestic violence to the opulence of corporate America.  Today, she leads a life devoted to inspiring other women to embrace the lessons life offers and use that wisdom to pay it forward.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How tragedy opens tho the door to transformation (4:19)
  • Why life is happening for you, not to you (16:44)
  • How to own your story and start taking control of your life (20:38)
  • What you can do when your circumstances are causing you pain (24:59)
  • How to find the lesson when things don’t go your way (29:42)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. The struggles that you might have in your personal life, in your professional life, your entrepreneurial life, in your family life…everything happens for a reason. —L.Y. Marlow
  2. I wasn’t going to shatter the glass ceiling, I was going to reinvent a new ceiling. —L.Y. Marlow
  3. Every time we as women allow people to tell us their perspective of our own story and we don’t correct it, that is happening to us, and not for us. So we’ve got to step into that truth. —L.Y. Marlow
  4. Change is preceded by saying I’m no longer willing to tolerate this. —Blake

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