Making Decisions in Uncertain Times with Misty Lown

Ep: 58

The world is in uncharted territory at the moment as we deal with the COVID-19 crisis. No one quite knows how to handle the situation, much less move forward in spite of it. So how do you choose to react, to plan and to carry on?

Misty Lown, founder of More Than Just Great Dancing, has a lot of experience navigating unknown territory and creating success on her terms. She manages to find balance between her role as a mother of 5 and top-performing female business owner (that’s 3 businesses, to be exact). All of her experience has given her the wisdom she needs to push forward, even when the way is unclear.

On this episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake and Misty go through the ins and outs of achieving balance as a working mom with a heart for community, recognizing the clues that are pointing you towards your next step and trusting yourself enough to follow them, and the blueprint for remaining calm, well-informed, and a great example to your children in the midst of panic and uncertainty. Listen in to find peace in the middle of the storm we’re facing.

You’ll Learn

  • Why every entrepreneur needs to start out in a non-entrepreneurial role (and what you gain when you do)
  • What we can teach our children about level-headed leadership when the unexpected inevitably happens
  • How to make a big impact starting with a small “yes” decision
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“Although we are facing unprecedented challenges and we are in uncharted waters, it is an opportunity for all of us – entrepreneurs, business leaders, stay-at home-moms, teachers, government leaders – to strengthen communication and connection. Because guess what can’t get canceled? Relationships. Communication. Hope. Love. Joy. Peace.” Misty Lown

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