How to Manage a Transition When You Don’t Have Any Time

Ep: 26

“Lack of time is never the issue. You have to have an end goal and determine that you’re willing to do what it takes to get there.” –Blake Schofield (1:04-1:21)

How can we make the changes we need when it feels like we don’t have any time? Seeing the real truth about ourselves and the lives we’re living isn’t always easy. The truth is that lack of time is never the real issue. If we want to create change, we have to first have an end goal, and determine what we’re willing to do to do get there.

Why People Think Time is the Problem

  1. Lack of a Clear Goal, Passion, and Drive

You can’t commit to something if you don’t know what you’re committing to. Without a clear goal, it’s impossible to have the passion and drive needed to make the transition you want in life.

  1. The Inability to Prioritize 

The process of prioritizing can be very different when you’re working in a corporate setting. So developing the ability to prioritize on your own gives you a level of freedom and control that drives you towards your goals.

“The worst thing you can do is tell yourself it’s riskier to change than it is to stay where you are. You have to get real with what is going on in your life and what the risks really are.” 

– Blake Schofield (13:49-14:00)

  1. Perfectionism and Workaholism

Perfectionism and workaholism are behaviors that cause work to bleed into our personal lives. This results in the misconception that we don’t have enough time when we’re really just spending time on unnecessary things.

  1. Lack of Boundaries

Some people take care of others at the expense of their own needs. They don’t create or uphold their own boundaries, causing them to be at the mercy of others. This results in a feeling of being out of control and constantly having to manage things for everyone else.

  1. Fear 

The easiest thing to do when we face fear is to go back to thinking we don’t have time to make the changes we need. But fear of uncertainty contributes to the belief that you just don’t have time to change.

  1. Lack of Structure and Self-Discipline

Not having the structure and self-discipline we need keeps us from having the freedom we want. The most freeing thing we can do is to create a structure that aligns with our core values and goals.

  1. Wishing Without Doing the Work

If you’re not willing to do the work, do you really want it for yourself? You need to decide if you want the end result and commit to doing the work.

  1. Doing More of the Same Without Seeing the Impacts and Risks

Is what you’re doing sustainable? Is it moving you towards a life you want or is it negatively affecting your happiness and wellbeing? The choices we make today impact our relationships with our partners, children, and others long term.

“In order to create change, you must be willing to do something different.” – Blake Schofield (17:27-17:30)

Investing in yourself can be scary when you feel like your resources are limited. But are you seeing the big picture? Do you have the clarity needed to create a foundation for change? Look at the excuses you’ve been telling yourself. Do you want to continue on the path you’re on? We have to decide what we’re willing to do to create the change we want because nothing else will matter until we do.


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