Stop Thinking Small and Start Maximizing Your Career with Samantha Hartley

Ep: 7

“Stand firm in your value… you are so much more valuable than what you are charging.”

– Samantha Hartley (23:50 – 24:03)

Blake Schofield
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Why wait? You can be happy now.

Are you continually finishing the statement, “I’ll be happy when…?” Do you find yourself daydreaming, endlessly wishing, and coveting your fellow neighbor’s career? Then listen up. You may be headed for a catastrophic burnout and possible breakdown. That is where Samantha Hartley found herself after many grueling years in the marketing field working for the multi-billion dollar company Coca-Cola. Concerned about her health and burnt out from the intensity, enough was enough. Samantha decided to walk away from her corporate career and start fresh.

The leap of faith was not a clean decision but an obvious one. It was time for a change, for something better, for something she always wanted – her own business. The concept was clear but the details surrounding which industry to choose were murky. Samantha took a year off to nurture her body and mind back to health while searching for the next step. All the while, the phone kept ringing as former colleagues requested guidance in various projects. Then it hit her. All of her strengths and knowledge gained through her studies gave her excellent experience and qualification to consult.

Perhaps you feel in a similar boat? Do you feel like what you are doing is not the right fit or best option for your unique gifts? Are you ready for your own business? There is no better time than the present.

“Never burn your bridges, because those people will reappear in your life and be able to help you.” -Samantha Hartley (7:14 – 7:21)

First, be willing to ask for and receive help. Most entrepreneurs pull from the support of former colleagues, close friends, and family to get their business running. Try to create positive interactions to encourage connections for growth. Never burn your bridges. The connections you make along the way are so important and may prove useful down the road. Disregard the lies corporate taught you. The path to success is not straight, and your unique approach to building your business will work much better than trying to fit into the box of your corporate experience. Building a business is full of challenges and bumps in the road. Unfortunately, only 4% of women-driven business are making consistent revenue. Investing in a coach can give you the drive, and tools you need to rise above the statistics.

Investing in a coach is definitely more costly than figuring it out on your own. It will save you time and research. However, it comes with the risk of dishing out large quantities of money for “good advice.” Anyone can give advice, but only experienced individuals can provide wise counsel. Therefore, be wary of individuals who name drop instead of providing years of experience. Seek individuals who have been where you are and are now where you want to be. Wise counsel should give insight into how to gain more clients and help remove limitations to reveal what is indeed possible.

Stop selling yourself short. Stand in your value and charge what you deserve.

As you are shaping your business, it is really important to look at your offer and make sure you are assigning appropriate value to your services. The world is your oyster, you are surrounded by opportunity and abundance. Too often, we limit our reach, and our income, by what we think is possible. When you allow yourself to dream bigger, you will begin to see that there is no limit to your potential. There is no reason why any female entrepreneur should be making less than $50,000. If you make less than that figure, or perhaps you make more but are still making less than your goal income – It’s time to shift your mentality.

Take some time to honestly answer the questions below:

  1. Am I working with the right sized clients?
  2. Am I relying too heavily on subcontractors and risking personal gain?
  3. Am I appropriately charging based on my value as a businesswoman?

Your time and work are worth something. Be open to negotiating, but understand the factors in value. Remember that what you accomplish in top-line sales is never what you bring home in profit. To avoid operating too close to the red, run your business at a minimum of 40% in profit.

Teach yourself and your clients that costs deduct, but investments enhance. There is no victim mentality in the full understanding of return on investments. You are in the business of generating more for yourself and others. Disregard your background influencing negative self-talk and possible limitations. It does not matter whether you have a high school diploma or a college degree. You can make an impact as long as you can deliver the results you offer.

“If you start a business with a journey to a $100,000, you’re only going to make a $100,000. Lift the lid off what is possible for you.” -Blake Schofield (40:24 – 40:34)

The danger all of us face in goal-setting is the risk of limiting potential. If you plan to make $100,000 in revenue, you will make $100,000. If you fail to set new, higher goals, you will face a plateau. Why not dream bigger? Think big and shoot high, but pitch right-sized clients who inspire and excite you. You are not deficient, or less-than as an entrepreneur. When you find yourself comparing your success to those around you, or feeling intimidated by a potential client, keep in mind everyone has insecurities. Some are better than others in hiding it, but we all struggle with self-confidence issues at some level. Let this be of comfort to you when interacting with your next client. They are just like you. Focus on what you can offer to take the focus off what you fear.

Embrace your value to offer the highest value to your clients. You have the power to create what you want if you want it.

It is best to block creative time to maintain momentum. Activities such as walking your dog and soaking in the hot tub are highly encouraged for problem-solving and planning the infrastructure of your business. Wherever your best creative work happens, be sure to weave it into your everyday life. Before you know it, the life you always imagined will manifest.

Rather than hoping the grass will be greener, identify what the RIGHT next step is

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