Every Woman Should Do This (Megan’s Story)

Ep: 170

As women, we’re all different. So, rarely does a one-size-fits-all approach apply. But when it comes to creating a movement, then the best thing you can do is follow in the footsteps of women who have found something that works.

And today’s guest has done just that.

Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake welcomes Megan to share her story. After changing roles but continually finding herself in the same place, she decided to seek the expert advice of a career coach. She knew that if she wanted to make a true career transition that offered her work-life balance, she would need to invest in herself as a woman.

In this episode, you’ll learn how Megan got so much more than she expected from the program, including life skills that deepened her understanding of herself and what she really wanted. She shares the transformative emotional aspects of going through the program, why she never believed that she would end up with multiple job offers, and how she ended up with choices, being able to pick the job she wanted. She learned the skills that allowed her to speak to her skillset in a way that she had never been able to do before.

If you’re ready to believe, just like Megan, that anything is possible in your life, then you deserve to make an investment in yourself. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Megan found herself repeating the same cycle (2:42)
  • The emotional aspects of going through the program (8:10)
  • The impressive results of her job seeker journey (16:49)
  • Megan’s thoughts pre-program versus during and after the process (21:18)
  • How the results have actually exceeded her job wishlist (24:17)


Favorite Quotes:

  1. I’m glad I went through the obstacles that I went through because I would have never found the program. Going through this program has been life-changing. —Megan
  2. Not only did I learn how to position myself in a career, I learned how to position myself as a person. —Megan
  3. I believed so many lies that I was being told, and I had so many different beliefs. Blake helped me change those and realize that I needed to start looking at myself in a different way. —Megan
  4. This is about building a movement of women that are changing the perspective about what’s possible. —Blake

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Megan 0:04 I am glad it took me so long to get here at the same time. And I know that’s a little weird to say. But I’m glad I went through the obstacles that I went through because I would have never found you. And literally going through this program has been life changing. Because I thought in my career, I had to give up something. Because I was told, you just need to be happy you have a job. You know, there’s 1000s of people in the world who don’t have a job, you should be happy that you’re getting a paycheck, I was told just to be grateful for what I have. I think every woman should be investing in themselves. And going through this program. Like I wish I could give this to all the women that I know.

Blake Schofield 0:52
Hi, I’m Blake Schofield, founder and CEO of The Bridge to Fulfillment, mom to three, USA Today top 10 professional coach, and former corporate executive who got tired of sacrificing my life for a comfortable paycheck. My mission is to expand women’s perspectives and empower them to achieve greater impact at home and work without sacrifice. This is The Bridge to Fulfillment.

Blake Schofield 1:26 Hello, and welcome to the bridge to fulfillment I’m so excited to welcome my guest and client Megan here to share her story with you today. There are so many elements of Megan’s story that I think are really impactful. But I maybe for the first time, I’m not going to give you a sneak peek to what they are. And I’m gonna let her story unfold as we talk about the incredible journey that she’s had so far. So, welcome to the roots to fulfillment Podcast. I’m so excited to have you here. Man.

Megan 1:53 Thank you. I’m so, so excited to be here.

Blake Schofield 1:57 Well, lady, as I always like to do, I want the audience to get to know a little bit about you. So can you share a little bit about what was going on in your life and a little bit about you when we connected.

Megan 2:07 So when we connected, it was earlier this year, and I was at a place where I just felt lost. I continuously found myself in the same situation. I felt lost, I didn’t really know. I knew that what I was doing in my job. And my current role was not fulfilling, I had kind of dabble in other areas thinking that I needed to go, if I wanted to be fulfilled, I wanted to get the certificate or I needed to go and gain the skills. I just again, though it all came down to I didn’t really know exactly what I wanted. I just knew that in my current role, I wasn’t fulfilled. But I tended to find myself in that same boat for quite some time. In the role that I was in, I had been with a company for three and a half years. I knew almost immediately when I started there, that it was not the right fit for me. I remember coming home to my husband and telling him it is not the right fit. But you know, it was better than what I had come from because where I had come from I was working 80 hour workweeks. And so when I came to my current role, at the time, I was working 40 hours a week. So it was almost like, Okay, well, I finally have the work life balance that I’ve been needing. But it’s not what I want the company’s not what I want, I could just tell from again, walking in, I felt it. And a part of me is like, I wish I listened to that. But then the other part of me is, I am glad it took me so long to get here at the same time. And I know that’s a little weird to say. But I’m glad I went through the obstacles that I went through because I would have never found you. And literally going through this program has been life changing. Because I thought in my career, I had to give up something. Because I was told you just need to be happy you have a job. You know, there’s 1000s of people in the world who don’t have a job, you should be happy that you’re getting a paycheck. I was told just to be grateful for what I have. And it’s not that I wasn’t grateful I was. But for me personally, why can’t I want more in my life? Why can’t I want something better? And why? Why do I have to be unfulfilled to make a paycheck? Or why do I have to you know, why do I have to sacrifice something? Why do I need to sacrifice my work life balance to you know, so it’s just a constant battle of, well, you know, at least you have this, you should just be happy and unlike I am but again, I’m unfulfilled. So I just found myself in this constant cycle of being unfulfilled and not knowing, but not knowing exactly what I wanted. Somebody asked me five months ago, what do you want? I’m like, Well, I just want a good paying job that I’m happy in. But I don’t really know anything outside of that. I don’t really know what I want to do. Honestly, I had been on the journey to find a new job for about three and a half years. And knowing what I know now I know why I didn’t find the job. But we can talk about that later because I know exactly why I didn’t find a job. But I ended up back in November. Putting in my notice with my company. And I didn’t expect them to come back and asked me to stay, but they countered with me and they said, you know, we want to what, what do you want? And so I was like, Okay, well, I want this. And even at the time, I still undervalued myself. Looking back. I’m like, wow, I still undervalued myself. But they were able to work with me. And I ended up deciding to stay because I was like, Okay, well, maybe it’ll get better now. Maybe I should just give it another shot. Maybe this is it. So I ended up staying. And again, in hindsight, I’m glad I stayed because it led me Yes, but between November and where I’m at now. Well, actually, where I was, before I started the program, it just really got worse than my job. I ended up working longer hours, longer days, getting more and more work pellet on me. So it was no longer a 40 hour workweek It was now 50 to 60 Hour Workweek. And at that point, I continued to devalue myself because my hourly rate ended up going down because I was working longer hours. So I was talking to my husband, I’m like, I just don’t know what to do. Because I had taken a course over the summer thinking you will maybe I need to get a certain skill set. So I took the course of it summer ended up spending a few 1000 on it ended up not being something that I wanted, but I thought I had to do because every job I applied for it seemed like I was missing those skills. So then I just Googled career coach on LinkedIn. And Blake came up. And I opened the page. And I saw that she had, she was recently I believe in USA Today, or she was in one of those. I think it was USA today as one of the top career coaches. So I went on her I kind of just dug into her LinkedIn and her background. And I saw, she had a similar background to me, we worked up a lot of the same different companies. And so that immediately triggered Oh, wow. Like, this woman has the same background as me. I’ve yet to find somebody who is a career coach or a resume writer who has a same background, but I am. So I saw that she had a podcast, and I started listening to it. The first and it’s funny because I actually took notes on the first podcast because it resonated with me so much. I remember her first podcast, she was saying, she felt alone. She felt that like why don’t I feel fulfilled? What’s wrong with me? And I remember going to my husband time and time again and saying, What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just be happy? And so I reached out to her, you know, we had a conversation. I was nervous about the process. And luckily, my husband is extremely supportive. And so he was like, you know, after I had my first conversation with Blake, she said, Well, let me know what you want to do. And I said, Well, let me talk to my husband. Within five minutes of me telling him he goes, what are you waiting for? Go do it. I’m like, okay, like you’re on board. I’m on board, like, cool. I’m glad we were both in agreement. I always like to have his support. And so he would every literally, if I said I wanted to run for the President, the United States, he would say cool, I’m making sure so he was very supportive. And so ended up enrolling started that following Monday, and it was a whirlwind, honestly, because I didn’t know what to expect. But I liked how you had the program laid out. And I remember in the very beginning of that you said, you know, emotions are going to come. And for me as just an individual. I’ve never embraced my emotions. I’m one who likes to keep things bottled up. And so when I read that, I’m like, oh, honestly, in my head, I’m like, Yeah, I’m probably gonna be fine. But then on my first call that we had with Brittany, I remember I started crying. And then I was like, Oh, this is what Blake’s talking about this is. This is why she’s saying embrace your emotions. And so just going through the process, literally, I learned so many skills, I didn’t think I was I needed to learn. I didn’t think they were there. I always thought like, you know, I’ve been in the industry in the professional industry for a while now. And so I was like, oh, like, I’m, I’m a good professional, like I don’t, there’s really not a whole lot more I can like, I’m able to communicate well, I’m able to, you know, hold myself in leadership meetings, like I got this. And then I start talking to Blake and having these calls with her and listening to other women talk and her giving advice to me and her giving advice to other women and I’m like, Oh, wow, there’s a lot that I can. I am like really taking out of this because not only did I learn how to position myself in a career, I learned how to position myself as a person. And so honestly, like, This journey has been life changing. I don’t even I can’t It’s so hard. I’m gonna keep saying that. It’s been life changing. Like I can’t even put it into words to actually express like how grateful I am that I found you. I wish I found you sooner. Don’t get me wrong. But at the same time in hindsight, I’m glad I went through what I went through because I was just told so many different things from a lot of different people. I was told your expectations are too high. Well, maybe you’re asking for too much or maybe your skill sets not there. And I believe them Because I started looking at myself and looking at what I want, and I’m like, well, maybe I can’t have it all. And so I had a lot of doubts that I couldn’t ask. I couldn’t get what I wanted out of a job working with Blake, I started putting together a checklist of what I wanted. And at that point, I was optimistic. But again, I still had that pessimistic side of me saying, No way, you’re gonna get all of this, let’s just be great. Again, going back to let’s just be grateful, let’s just be grateful if you can get five out of the 10 things that I listed, and where I’m at today, everything on my checklist I got, and then some, and I didn’t even think that was possible. Like, I’m, again, I’m gonna say this over and over, I believe so many different lies that I was being told, and I thought, and so many different beliefs. And Blake helped me change those and realize that I need to start looking at myself in a different way. There are a couple, a couple quotes that she said a lot throughout this journey, if you can’t define it, if you can’t create it. And that’s where I was, in the beginning, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted. But then going through this, I’m like, Oh, I know exactly what I want any know what I can get it, I just have to do the work. And I have to just learn how to position myself better. And, and that’s what I was lacking. I think those tasks three and a half years where I was looking for a job. I know now I wasn’t positioning myself, right. I wasn’t speaking to my secret sauce skills, I wasn’t speaking to why I’m fit for the role. Even if I didn’t, even though as a role that wasn’t exactly my bathroom, I still could have done it. But I wasn’t positioning myself correctly. And so I’m glad that I learned these lifelong skill sets. Because not only did I learn it for this job that I just received an offer on, I’m going to take all of this that I’ve learned into how I manage the rest of my life. And I think these skills, unfortunately, we’re not taught this in school. And I wish we were taught things like this in school. But so that leads us to having to learn outside of school as adults. And so this course should really be in like a college setting. Like, literally, it’s so I just learned so many different skills that I didn’t even think I was going to learn in this process. I didn’t know that I was going to learn how I should be being more collaborative with people when I’m coming to them with ideas. A lot of times I come to people in my company with ideas and of getting shut down. But I know now, it’s because I didn’t take them along with me. I’m doing all the work upfront. And I’m not saying hey, like let’s talk about this. It’s more so me saying like, here it is, I’m eager to give you everything, all the information is already laid out for you, all the questions will be answered. And so they didn’t have a chance to actually go through the journey with me. And I learned through this, that that’s what I need to do. So mine just a lot of different skills like that throughout here that I did not expect to learn. I just thought it was going to be finding a job, honestly. And getting results. Little did I know I was going to learn that. Again, you can’t define it. And if you can’t create it, one of the things that you actually said earlier today was you create your own suffering. I know I did that. I know I put myself in a victim mentality a lot of the times because I felt like I had to carry the weight of my company on my back. And I realized that now. And why was I doing that? Because they weren’t they weren’t Carrying my burden. But why was I hearing their burden? So again, so many different things that I learned. And I’m just so grateful that I found you on LinkedIn.

Blake Schofield 13:27 That’s awesome. I did not know that’s how you found me. It’s always fun when some of this comes out, it’s like, oh, I never knew that. And now I know alongside everybody else, what a gift to often say that old saying when the student is ready, the teacher appears. And I can’t tell you the number of women who have come in this program that woke up at three in the morning, and we’re scrolling LinkedIn and ran across one of my posts and we weren’t connected, right or something like that, where like you put in and there are 1000s of career coaches. And yet somehow, right, there was that connection. And I just I think that’s a beautiful thing. So thank you for sharing a little bit about your journey and some of the things that you’ve learned. Often I hear from women that listen to this are like, really intrigued to know more details. I think it’s common for us to look at somebody else’s journey and go, Oh, well, if they have a similar background to me, then that’s the job I should have. And I often say that’s not true. That’s not true. Every woman should ever own individual journey because she’s got her own gifts, skills, natural way of working. But that said, I think it can be helpful sometimes to understand. So if you can, I’d love to hear a little bit what were you doing in your past life or soon to be past life as you move into your next role? And then what type of work will you be doing in the future?

Megan 14:44 So I was doing a role on demand planning and forecasting manager. So basically, I planned all the inventory for the company. I planned figuring out what kind of demand we would see for the customers and since it was a small company, I wore a lot of different hats, but that was my main job. And now I I’m going into a role called revenue growth manager. And it’s funny because had I not gone through this program, I would have never considered this job because when I read the title of it, I’m thinking that has nothing to do with what I’ve done in my past. Because again, in my past, I’ve done category management, I’ve been buying merchandise assisting, I kind of work my way up on the merchandising side of things and the planning side of the business. So revenue growth, I think both of us like finance, like I’m not a finance person, but going through a job posting with you, you helped highlight, you know, why my skills, translate, and you helped me go through that and kind of peel that onion, and tie my secret sauce skills with the job. And we were able to connect that my skill set actually does work well with that job. Because I thrive off of finding gaps in the business, I thrive off on finding ways to grow the business. And so now I’ll be doing a job that again, five months ago, I would have never looked at. And then I was presented this role with the recruiter that I connected with. And I’m glad that I started working with you on this because I would have just said, Oh, Wanda, thank you. And now I’m in the room.

Blake Schofield 16:15 That’s awesome. So your interview journey and kind of what happened, I think is an amazing story in and of itself. Talk about, you know, a lot of what you talked about us where you were before. So what I would describe a scarcity mindset, right? Believing there’s only so many jobs, and you should just be happy with what you have, instead of an abundance mindset, which is there’s more than enough opportunities. Right? And you definitely experienced a lot of abundance in a very short timeframe in your job search. So can you share a little bit because you actually had multiple things going all at once? How did that go? What was going on in your job search?

Megan 16:49 So yeah, that was a crazy, crazy, 40 hours, everything happened. So I ended up applying for a job within the organization, one that I was very excited about. And went through the interview, they ended up coming back a couple weeks later and saying, you know, we really liked you. But we just want to go with somebody who has more experience. They said, You know, we really like you for the company, though. You sold yourself that you are, you’re a great fit for the company. And so they said, you know, we actually want to kind of keep the lines of communication open. At the same time the recruiter said, I have a couple jobs, do you want to look over them and let me know what you like. And a couple she sent me the list I went through and I’m like, no, no, no, I don’t want that anymore. I’m going to stop going after jobs I don’t want and then the revenue growth manager job came up. And I’m like, That’s intriguing. Let me look at that. And it’s funny because Blake said the same thing that’s intriguing. Let’s look into this. I said, Yeah, I’d like to move forward with that job. And she said, Okay, sent it to the hiring manager. And the hiring manager came back and said, Yeah, I’d love to interview her. So we had to have you on Friday. And then I think on the next Monday, the hiring manager came back and said, I want to interview her. Like, I love her, I want to move forward with her. And I want my team to meet her. So I ended up having a couple other interviews for the team. And simultaneously, I was connecting with somebody on LinkedIn in the company for a role that again, it was one that I really wanted. So while I was interviewing for the revenue growth, I was also interviewing for a Category Manager role, I was able to tell the recruiters, you know, I understand like, I am going up to two different jobs, but I’m not unsure of what I want to do. And this is why I’m not unsure. My skill set is fit for both jobs, I was able to tell them and kind of eliminate that concern that I was confused at what I wanted. So they’re like, Yeah, that’s okay, that’s fine. But once you get through the process, let us know which job you want. Because we don’t like to do competing offers. Okay, that’s fine. So then had the interviewer for the category manager job and was contacted immediately. The next morning, I had a meeting with him. And right after I hung up with him, he messaged me, he sent me an email and said, Can you meet with my VP today? So when all of this is happening, I remember the category management team and all those people who work in that area after I’m done with them, I get a call from a recruiter for the revenue growth job. And they said they love you, except to him an offer then ended up getting a call from the recruiter saying you’re about to have two offers, we’re going to let you pick. And I’m like, oh, cool, thanks. So the revenue growth director ended up calling me and saying we’d love to offer you a job and went through everything with me and told me everybody really loved me. So it’s just crazy how all this stuff happens because I didn’t expect to get multiple job offers and be able to pick and so it got to a point where instead of me trying to sell myself, both those managers were trying to sell themselves to me. And so I put myself in a great position to where I was able to actually I pick the job that I wanted, because I had choices, because I was able to really speak to my skill set a lot better than I had been before. So it has just been a crazy, crazy journey.

Blake Schofield 20:14 Yeah, it’s wild and amazing. And I think it just speaks to you, right? You spent three years trying to move into a job on your own, you’re missing, what you’re missing a lot of things you didn’t know you were missing. And then when you get nice, right, you’re really able to truly level up in so many ways. And so can you share a little bit about we were talking about this earlier that I think women have a hard time believing some of the statistics and results we get for our clients. Right? I often talk about this and I’m a data girl, I spent 16 years in merchandising, you don’t run a business without data. And I’m a results oriented girl. So you know, I consistently talk about our average, not just random, our average client gets a 20 plus, or write 20% or higher pay increase. We’ve also had clients get 40 6080 and two clients to date that have had 120% pay increases, but women don’t always believe that. And I wonder what did you believe when you came in about what yeah, like, were you are so skeptical about that? And then what of your results, then can you share to help women understand what this actually looks and feels like?

Megan 21:18 Yes. So when I first spoke to you, I, I was actually optimistic. I was like, oh, okay, I can get that, cool. What everybody’s been telling me has been wrong. But then again, I had a little bit of that pessimism inside me where I’m like, Okay, well, is that really real? I guess I’ll just go this journey and find out there were times where I was like, I’m good. I feel so great. Like, the sky’s the limit, like I can do whatever I set my mind to, I had these great, great moments where I just thought, like, I got this, like, I can go take on the world now. But then I had moments where I got discouraged. And I’m like, especially when I first got the first rejection. During my interview process, I had moments where I was just like, this is impossible, like, I can’t keep doing this. And I remember even telling my husband, I can’t keep getting rejected. And so when I got that rejection, I did feel discouraged. And then we found steel, and you’re like, why are you so discouraged? Like, basically, I get over it and move on. And I’m like, You’re right, I should get over this, I need to just persist. Because if I don’t persist, and I’m just gonna stay stuck on that I was acting like every single objection was the end of the world, when really, it was just another opportunity for me, rejection is just a different way of opening up another door for you. And so I embrace what you said, and I’m like, You’re right, I’m gonna make the best of this. And I didn’t make the best of it. I mean, again, I got two job offers out of it, I now received, what was it a 41% pay increase? Phenomenal. I didn’t even think that was possible. I was happy with the 10% pay increase. But if there is an extra 20%, why don’t you know, an extra, you know, couple of that whatever that number might be on the table? Why would I not ask for it. And I just cannot believe I literally every morning I just say a prayer. And I’m like, Thank you God for getting me to this place that I am now because I did not think a 41% pay increase was possible. It literally I thought that that doesn’t happen to people. And I don’t mean to, you know, status. But I think like I don’t mean to sound like you know, women have it. I mean, we all know women have a little bit more having difficult than men. But I didn’t think that was possible for women to get a 41% pay increase overnight. I thought at most we got you know, we’re lucky again, we’re just lucky to get a 10% pay increase. But to have a 41% pay increase is just mind blowing to me. Like I’m beyond grateful. So I’m like, literally, I just don’t even understand how I went from feeling so low, and feeling hopeless in my career, to now realizing that the sky’s the limit, and I get to create the path that I want to be on.

Blake Schofield 23:57 I love that so much. And you know what I also love what you haven’t shared is not just you get to move into a role that totally aligns with your skills, not just have you really raised the bar financially, and from a feeling your value. There were a lot of other perks and things that you are getting with this company in this job to share a little bit about that.

Megan 24:15 Oh, yeah, that’s that again, I had a checklist. I didn’t know that checklist could be all the boxes could be checked. I’m now getting an additional weeks of vacation. I am now having unlimited sick time. It is extremely close to my house. So when I do go in the office, it’s only a few miles down the street. It’s hybrid. So I have that flexibility of working from home when I need to or go into the office when I want to. And they do pay maternity leave, which is huge for me before 1k match is phenomenal. Like I’m just getting so many things that I did not think were possible. I thought I had to compromise on what I wanted. I thought it was either the pay increase or hybrid or I thought it had to be maternity leave or vacation time. I didn’t think I could actually find ain’t exactly what I was looking for at one company.

Blake Schofield 25:03 And now you know, that’s not true. Yeah, yeah. Awesome, lady. Well, we were talking earlier, and you said, there’s so much about this program that I didn’t understand that I think other women don’t. And you said, that’s the one thing I really want to make sure I get across. So I’m gonna open that up to you, what is it that you feel on your heart, you really want to share around that topic.

Megan 25:24 I think every woman should be investing in themselves. And going through this program. Like, I wish I could give this to all the women that I know, this program. Again, when I started it, I thought I was just going to find a job, I thought I was just, you know, going to you’re going to help me figure out what I was missing. I didn’t understand what capacity that looked like, I didn’t understand that I was actually going to take this program and learn life skills, because now I know like how I should be looking for a job. Now I know how I should be positioning myself. What kind of company fits what I want, what kind of culture do I want? And then again, like you’ve even taught me leadership skills, like how should I be asking questions? How should I be advocating for myself, I mean, and I said to you, too, even if you are fulfilling your job, which is great. If you are you still should take this, because you, I learned so much from this. And I think every woman who has gone through this can say the same thing. You have taught us so many different things, that if I don’t use it in this job, I’m going to use in the next job in the next job in the next job, and I don’t have to settle. And I want to make sure women realize that they do not have to settle. There’s just so many different things that I’ve learned under this program. And I one of the things that really intrigued me about this program, was it. Yeah, you do one on one coaching, but you do group coaching. And that was one of the questions I asked you, when you and I first connected was, do we have group sessions? And you said yes, I’m like, great, cool. That’s what I’m looking for. Because I’ll go to the session. Sometimes I don’t have questions. And I’m just there to listen. But then one of the other women were asked question, I’m like, Oh, my gosh, I’m glad I asked that, because that actually, in some way, interacts with what I’m going through right now. Or like I’ve been through that experience next to my go through that I should be doing this way. And so having those group sessions really has helped me have a greater perspective on what other women are going through. Because I also know too, that I’m not alone, I’m not the only one who felt unfulfilled. I’m not the only one who felt lost. So it just felt great to have a support system there, where they were going through the same thing I was going through, but they’re also going through the same journey I was going through and trying to better myself and find something that I felt that where I was fulfilled. So I cannot say it enough that I think all women should be going through this, I literally think that should be a course that you you teach If college is such a good program that I’ve found a lot of benefit going through it. And I just think everybody needs to hear your message and hear what you have to offer. Because you created a really good system here and you created a really good course that again, I’m going to take with me throughout my life, and I’m going to take even when I become a mom, I’m going to make sure that they know that they should not be settling. And they should be going after what they want. And if they can drink the life, they can have the life.

Blake Schofield 28:20 Awesome. Thank you, lady. I don’t know if there’s anything else I can add. So beautiful. And I think, you know, like we talked about I think your journey has been a really beautiful one. You said something to me earlier, right? Before we get on the call about how when you came into the program, you just said I’m gonna absorb it all. I’m going to take everything I can from it. And I think that there’s so much to say about the fact that you allowed yourself to be open, you came to learn, then as a result of that, you right have benefited in spades over spades over spades. And I just appreciate you and all that you bring your passion to what you do earlier today, the commitment and encouragement that you brought to other women in this program. And one of the biggest things for me always is that, to me, this is about building a movement of women that are changing the perspective about what’s possible. And I see so much of that with you. And so it’s an honor to be a part of your journey, and to help you see the goal that you have in yourself so that you can share that and help others as well. So, thank you so much for joining me. Is there anything that I didn’t ask you that I should have, before we close out?

Megan 29:28 If you’re gonna join this program come in, leave all the baggage behind of everything you’ve been taught, leave all the negativity of you know, you can’t do it or you have to compromise leave that at the door and come to this program with just eyes wide open and where you’re just immersing yourself in to the program and one thing that I am going to share with you is now I’ve committed to investing in myself more. I will be investing in myself ongoing going forward because I know how important it is and So I think it’s important for women to do that. And it’s not selfish to that we should be doing that we should be taking care of ourselves and investing in that. It’s just part one of taking care of ourselves.

Blake Schofield 30:10 And when we take care of ourselves, we can take better care of the people that we truly love and care about, which is what the whole point is, anyway.

Megan 30:17 Yeah, yeah.

Blake Schofield 30:18 Yep. Well, thank you again. And thank you guys for listening. I hope that there were several nuggets that you gleaned from what Meghan had to share today. And if you are listening to the story, and you really feel like she’s speaking to you, and you want to be able to open up the possibilities for your life, I encourage you to sign up for a personalized career fulfillment plan, call, happy to connect, and really help you see and figure out what’s the right next path for you. Until next time, have a great week.

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