Melanie’s Story: Prioritizing Family While Building a Bridge to Freedom

Ep: 31

“Mistakes are going to happen along the way. That’s where you learn the most and where you have the most growth in your business. Mistakes are learning opportunities.” –Melanie (35:11-35:25)

Time and focus are two of the main areas I help women with as a coach. Many women want to learn how to take control of their time and have the focus to create a life that aligns with their core values.

When Melanie came to me looking for guidance on making her own life transition, she was juggling seven jobs and struggling to have the time with her family that she wanted. Melanie’s story shows how it’s possible to build a bridge to entrepreneurship without the hustle or the grind and create real growth in all areas of her life, including her relationships and career.

“Building a bridge comes down to having the right resources and understanding the path so that you put down the planks and not have to take a leap.” – Blake Schofield (32:05-32:24)

The journey towards a new career or business is different for every person.  Melanie had quit her 19-year nursing career. But she still had to support her family, forcing her to take on multiple jobs only to end up stressed and burned out. So she got to a point where starting a business seemed like the right solution for her. That’s when she came to me for help. But like so many other women, Melanie wasn’t sure how to create a business or what it would even look like. Many people make the mistake of thinking they can figure it out on their own. But they end up getting stuck and never actually get started.

The work we did together started with discovering her passions and figuring out how she could maximize her talents. We had to prioritize so that she wouldn’t get overwhelmed with too much to do. We worked on allocating her time appropriately so she could get more done in less time. Melanie wanted flexibility and control. She wanted her schedule to be on her terms so she could take time off to care for her kids when they needed her. She knew she was missing out on a lot, and she just wasn’t willing to compromise anymore.

What differentiates the work I do is that I help clients take a holistic view. Before we can make any real change in our careers, we have to change parts of ourselves. We have to look at the mental and emotional impacts that our current situation is having on us. Only then can we start to transform who we are and how we experience life. Too many women convince themselves that they don’t have time to make a career change or build a business. They don’t understand that it really is possible for them.

“You don’t have to settle on jobs that you don’t like. There are so many opportunities available if you want them. You just have to look for them and know they’re out there.” – Melanie  (22:15-22:27)

Melanie’s coaching journey helped her learn the value of her time. She learned the importance of establishing boundaries and priorities. Melanie can now manage her work so that she has the capacity and energy for all the things in her life. She identified who the right people are that she can help, knowing that she’s heading in the right direction. More importantly, she learned that it’s okay to not have all the answers because she knows where she can always find them.

Coaching helped Melanie recognize the importance of developing a strong psychological and emotional foundation when building a business. This lets her adapt to different situations and be more confident when facing uncertainty.

The only way to fail is to quit. When you have passion behind your work and you have the resources you need, you know you don’t have to have all the answers. That’s when you know that nothing’s going to stop you. Success is only a matter of time. That’s part of the journey and the process.

Rather than hoping the grass will be greener, identify what the RIGHT next step is.

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