Mid-Career Transitions: Why You’re NOT Alone & How You Can Get UNSTUCK

Ep: 105

When one phase of your career draws to a close, how do you bridge the gap and place yourself somewhere that makes you feel fulfilled and valued and allows you to make a real impact? Women facing a mid-career transition often feel intimidated or afraid of the next step – but the next step is a chance to position yourself somewhere incredible.

On this episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake puts mid-career changes in context as the opportunity for growth and fulfillment that they are, lays out the most common reasons women get stuck in this phase of their career, and shares some of the remarkable career transitions she has seen women make when they reach out and ask for help with the process. Listen in for a much-needed shot of hope and perspective in a stressful time.


What You’ll Learn:

  • What the data on mid-career transitions says, and how to interpret it to get a sense of what’s possible for you going forward and the value you already hold
  • Why clarity on your value and secret sauce transferable skills is vital to a successful career change
  • How to get the right help for the career transition you need to make, and how Blake’s process differs from other “tactical” coaches
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“Most people transition multiple times in their career throughout their lifetime. And the key to a successful transition is really uncovering your secret sauce transferable skills, really understanding your fulfillment framework – what it is exactly that you need, what are those criteria that you need to truly be fulfilled in your career life, not just for the short term, but for the long term.”  —Blake Schofield

Rather than hoping the grass will be greener, identify what the RIGHT next step is.

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