Monique’s Story: FROM Fearful That What She Wanted Wasn’t Possible TO Creating Her Dream Life

Ep: 99

Monique drastically increased her income and quality of life, gained the flexibility she needed as a single mom of four kids, and is able to use her gifts doing work she is incredibly passionate about.

On this episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment, Monique and Blake discuss the importance of reflecting on your values as well as your previous situation and the lessons you took from it, how Monique put her passion for creating opportunities for equity to work in her career, and the action steps behind making the thing you thought was impossible into an attainable goal. Tune in for an interview that will light a new fire under the priorities you’ve put aside because they didn’t seem practical.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why celebrating the seemingly small wins in her week was integral in helping Monique combat burnout and set herself up for success
  • How to identify the handful of things that are truly important to you and make sure you can engage with them in your new position
  • What it does for your sense of what’s possible in your career to have people in your orbit who recognize your value and potential
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“To the person that feels that they have no time for this – because I think that was a big thing for me was, like, how am I going to find the time – I would say, understand how important your time is and how you’re spending it in your present day. If your present day is stress, if your present day is not allowing you to really pause and be the person that you need to be whether it is at home or at work or both, you know, understand that it’s worth it to put in a little bit of extra effort upfront so that that long-term vision is something that you can say you’re happy with.”  —Monique


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