Pam’s Career Transition Story – Uncovering Her Value

Ep: 30

“Why apologize for wanting a flexible schedule? Why should you have to apologize for wanting a certain salary? It’s all attainable with the right tools and the right mindset.” –Pam (53:52-54:06)

Pam was at a crossroads. She was struggling to answer the question that many people ask themselves: What’s next? She knew she needed to recognize her value and get others to see that value. She’d been building her career her entire life but soon found herself in a toxic work environment with a level of stress that was eating away at her energy, drive, and motivation. She began to lose confidence in her ability to make the transition she knew she needed to make.

“When you’re in a job that’s mentally and emotionally challenging, taking back your time frees up the headspace to focus on ‘you.’” –Pam (13:19-13:44)

Plenty of people working in the corporate world come to realize that the ideas and beliefs they’d always had about success aren’t really true. Pam no longer wanted to be that person anymore, but she felt like she was letting herself and her family down. Friends and family offered advice, but they were emotionally attached to her situation, making it hard for her to get an objective perspective. That’s why she chose to work with me and get the coaching she needed to get out of the situation she was in and create a life that she and her family could love.

Take Back Your Time

Creating boundaries around your time stops you from drowning in the demands of others.  For Pam, this was a combination of establishing boundaries and establishing standing appointment times for meetings. This kept others from chipping away at her schedule with random calls and emails. Instead, they could gather their talking points and wait until the time Pam had established.

Taking back your time makes your days more manageable, letting you carve out the time you need to work on yourself. As part of her coaching program, Pam had homework she needed to complete. By setting boundaries around her time, she was able to work full days and still come home with enough energy to do the work.

Recognize Your Unique Gifts

When you recognize your unique gifts, you have the energy you need and focus to work towards your goals each day. You love the work you do, and you become capable of communicating in a way that shows others the value of your gifts.

You become the person with the skillset others need, and you know how to apply it in a way that creates amazing results. When you recognize your unique gifts, you position yourself as someone who is expanding and evolving. More importantly you show others that you can help them grow, too.

“When you’re given the right skills, support, and tools, it creates a substantial transformation in terms of your peace of mind, stress reduction, and joy.” –Blake Schofield (1:01:18-1:01:29)

Pam’s journey through her coaching work has taught her a lot about herself. She knows what kind of company will be a good fit and what companies won’t. She’s developed a clear picture of the types of roles she wants to play in business. She’s gained the confidence she needs to build her career and help her find the work that fulfills her. But most importantly, she doesn’t apologize for wanting to make changes in life. She’s owning it.

Rather than hoping the grass will be greener, identify what the RIGHT next step is.

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