Red Flags in an Interview that Should Send You RUNNING for the Door

Ep: 123

Have you ever moved from one job to the next hoping that things will be better? But when you get past that honeymoon phase, your excitement fizzles and you realize that you’re encountering the same problems you thought you had left behind. Whether you’re looking for better work-life balance, more upward mobility, or something that allows you to flex your natural talents, the one thing you don’t want to do is transition into the same problems that were holding you back in the first place. Before you move on to more of the same, you need clarity in order to recognize the red flags.

In today’s episode, Blake reveals the reasons why the same problems you tried to leave behind from your old job often show up in your new workplace. You’ll learn how to spot the most common red flags and understand why you might have missed them in the first place. You’ll find out how to tell if your next move could take you down a similar path, or if it’s really the change you’ve been looking for.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why we often find the same problems when we change jobs (0:55)
  • 3 types of career mismatches to avoid (2:07)
  • The 5 red flags that you could be missing (6:05)
  • How fear blinds us to what we’re really looking for (8:42)
  • Why you have to go deep logically, not just emotionally, about what you want (12:11)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. “If we go into a job search, so focused on leaving what we want to walk away from instead of finding what we want to run towards… if we’re so fearful that there won’t be enough opportunities or that we have to take whatever comes our way, we’re going to miss things.”
  2. “If you don’t understand your secret sauce transferable skills, and you don’t unlock your fulfillment framework, you’ll keep uncovering these small things that don’t align.”
  3. “The right fit will actually build synergy, and it will position you as the top candidate; the one who is such a great match that anyone else is a significant step down.”


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