Reduce Stress and Overwhelm with Hannah Bacaron

Ep: 42

Stress and anxiety have been so normalized in our society and yet it is literally stealing our lives.

My guest, Hannah Bacaron, is an integrative stress management coach who uses proven scientific methods to improve health, clear and permanently releases negative emotional patterns and increase productivity.

She not only shares her personal journey from a successful corporate career to running her own business, but she shares an easy technique that you can use to reduce your stress immediately (as well as a special bonus for my listeners!).


You’ll Learn

  • Why we need to reduce and manage stress.
  • What are the factors that trigger stress and anxiety?
  • How to successfully reduce stress and increase productivity.
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote

“Personalize and integrated stress management has to be unique to an individual.” Hannah Bacaron

Connect with Hannah:

Click here to check out Hannah Bacaron FB

Click here to check out Hannah’s stress reduction video (freebie)

Click here to schedule time to work with Hannah for the trial call mentioned on the podcast (be sure to let her know you came from Blake’s podcast)

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