The Expansion & Relaunch of The Bridge to Fulfillment®

Ep: 248

How long have you been searching for your True North? 

For high achievers, the drive toward success comes naturally. But too often, intentionality gets sacrificed in the process.

If you crave deeper meaning in the work you do and the life you’re living, and you’ve been waiting for the right guidance to align your talents with your passions in life, then we welcome you to the NEW Bridge to Fulfillment®.

Today on The Bridge to Fulfillment® podcast, Blake shares the important changes that have led to the restructuring of our long-proven process, and what you can expect from this expanded and more accessible relaunch of this sought-after program.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to build a clear and purpose-driven roadmap to your True North. You’ll discover practical, actionable strategies that’ll help you unlock your fulfillment framework® so that you can successfully position yourself now for the future you want to create.

If you’re looking for a high-impact, results-driven program that offers you individualized attention so that you can finally point your life in the direction of your True North, then The Bridge to Fulfillment® is what you’ve been waiting for. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • An introduction to the program relaunch (0:38)
  • Positioning yourself for the future (2:20)
  • How to be a part of the first cohort (5:09)
  • The results you’ll get from the new program (6:07)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. “You can achieve work-life balance and drastically reduce your stress while maintaining ambition around your career.” – Blake Schofield
  2. “Build a clear and differentiated roadmap to your True North by making sure that your journey is intentional, purposeful, and directed through practical, actionable strategies.” – Blake Schofield
  3. “Get clarity on where you are in this journey, where you’re headed, optimal paths to get there, and the right next step.” – Blake Schofield
  4. “I am so incredibly proud of the program that we had. And this one is going to knock the old one out of the ballpark.” – Blake Schofield

Additional Resources:

To learn more about the new & improved Bridge to Fulfillment® program and register for your complimentary personalized career fulfillment plan, go to

For more opportunities to work with Blake, go to


Blake Schofield 0:05
Hi, I’m Blake Schofield, founder and CEO of The Bridge to Fulfillment®. Mom to three, USA Today Top 10 Professional Coach, and former corporate executive who got tired of sacrificing my life for a comfortable paycheck. My mission is to expand perspectives to achieve greater impact at home and work without sacrifice. This is The Bridge to Fulfillment®.

Blake Schofield 0:38
If you are a growth-centered, high achieving man or woman who is exhausted by the constant cycle of burnout, and cycles of being fulfilled and unfulfilled in your career, and you’re really looking for a sustainable path to success in the long term. If you are craving clarity and direction for your life and career and what’s next. If you’re searching for true and lasting fulfillment rather than going through again cycles of being fulfilled and unfulfilled. If you’re looking to elevate your market worth and leverage your unique skills and passions more impactfully. And if you’d like to build unshakable confidence and self trust to decisively act on your dreams and goals, without having to sacrifice or compromise, then I am so excited to introduce to you the relaunch, expansion and improvement of our proven process and program that has helped hundreds of clients transition into more fulfilling careers and lives. In our new program, you can discover the step by step strategy that will reinvigorate your energy and passion, making cycles of burnout, a thing of the past, helping you achieve work life balance, drastically reduce your stress while maintaining your ambition, drive and growth, and passion around your career.

Blake Schofield 1:56
In the program, we offer exclusive insights and strategies, helping you build a clear and differentiated roadmap to your True North, making sure that your journey is intentional, purposeful and directed. Through practical, actionable strategies, we help you learn how to move from sacrificing and being drained at the end of the day, to waking up excited, passionate and motivated to go to work every day. Through our proven methods and insider techniques, we help you learn how to position yourself as indispensable, ensuring that you’re recognized and valued in the marketplace, not just now, but in the future to come. Engage with our tailored assessments and tools that are designed to reveal your deepest passions and purposes, leading you towards a career and life of true fulfillment. And you’ll get to witness examples over and over again, I’ve transformed lives within our program, helping you have a clear blueprint of success, to create tangible positive progress, while increasing your leadership status, building stronger relationships at work at home. And just in general, being more present and enjoying your life more.

Blake Schofield 3:04
You know, it was a difficult decision to shut down The Bridge to Fulfillment® last year, but I knew it was the right thing to do. What I was watching happen over and over again is the areas where we had so many clients wanting to share this program, but it just wasn’t structured in a way that really enabled it to have the mass impact that it deserves and that it’s capable of. I had so many women asking me if I could help their husband, their brother, their cousin, their son. And while I was doing private one on one coaching with men, we didn’t have them as part of The Bridge to Fulfillment® program.

Blake Schofield 3:41
I also really wanted to make this program more affordable, so that more people can truly understand what’s possible for their careers and lives. And it felt important to remove just the tactical job search components to really expand this to anyone who is tired of sacrificing their health, their life, their time, their passion and really wants to lead a fulfilling career in life, where they are leveraging their skills for their highest value where they have sustainable happiness and fulfillment in their career and life where they’re more present in their day to day, and are excited and passionate to get up and go to work every day. And truly, clients over and over again said the most impactful life changing parts of the program came from our unlock your fulfillment framework®, and your unique fingerprint for success components. So we doubled down on that and developed new streamlined systems and support to really continue to deliver incredible results.

Blake Schofield 4:43
And I’m so excited to say that we are relaunching this program quarterly with cohorts where you have an opportunity to learn with and alongside other talented leaders just like you, network, learn new ways to do things, collaborate, and really have a support system of people where you can truly authentically be yourself and grow together. Our very first cohort is going to start April 15 of this year, and we are limiting the size of this to just 30 people. That way, this very first group gets our full attention and guidance through this whole new process.

Blake Schofield 5:23
If you have ever been remotely interested about The Bridge to Fulfillment® program, or you are someone who went through it, and you really believe that this could be impactful to a friend, a family member, a co-worker, I encourage you to check out our website, We are offering complimentary personalized career fulfillment plan calls, where you have the opportunity to get clarity on where you are in this journey, where you’re headed, optimal paths to get there, and the right next step. On that call, you’ll have the opportunity to speak directly with me, ask questions about what’s going on in your career in life, and more about the program to really see if it’s the right fit for you.

Blake Schofield 5:43
If you want to learn a little bit more, I’ll share with you just a few things of what you can expect inside the program.

  • Exclusive access to our proven process. This process that has helped hundreds of clients take control and step into a more fulfilling career in life.
  • Executive leadership coaching, where you get access to bi-weekly group coaching sessions, from a specialist who has decades of experience facilitating personal transformation, she is phenomenal.
  • You have an incredible peer network, where you can create those connections workshop and troubleshoot with like minded individuals in a very supportive and empowering environment.
  • Action-oriented daily and weekly action so you know exactly what to focus on week by week to get the fastest results and create an intentional path forward.
  • Strategic exercises designed to help you take control of your life and uncover the right path for you.
  • And 24/7 community support.

Blake Schofield 7:05
So, I want to encourage you, I am so incredibly proud of the program that we had. And this one is going to knock the old one out of the ballpark. Like I said, if you’ve been listening to this podcast, if you’ve had any interest in The Bridge to Fulfillment®, if you can look at your life today. And if I were to ask you on a scale of one to 10 how fulfilled you are in your career on a day to day basis on average, if you answer seven or below, I encourage you there’s so much more possible for your life. And I’d love to be able to show you how. Until next time. I hope you have a wonderful week. And like I said if you’d like to join us check out the show notes or go directly to