Sheryl’s story: FROM Feeling Powerless TO Cracking the Job Search Code & Uncovering Her Value

Ep: 101

What makes an ideal candidate, where employers and hiring managers are concerned? It seems like the goalposts are always shifting – which is why the secret ingredient to finding a fulfilling position is simply you.

When Sheryl found herself laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she felt completely adrift and unsure how to navigate the process of finding a new job. After a little guidance and a lot of self-reflection and work on identifying her skills and the things she is truly passionate about, Sheryl has a much clearer roadmap to follow as she takes her next steps.

On this episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake and Sheryl lay out valuable insight on learning to translate your skills, passion and experiences into a successful job search, the advantage you gain when you learn how to ask the right questions, and the blend of confidence in her accomplishments, a willingness to accept a helping hand, and clarity in her secret sauce transferable skills that led Sheryl toward a promising, empowering path forward in her life and career. Listen in for an interview that will open your eyes to some of the lesser-known but all-important components to success as you look for a new position.


What You’ll Learn:

  • What signs within Sheryl’s jobbed began to tip her off to the fact that her job might be on the line, and how being laid off during COVID affected her confidence going into job-search mode
  • How Sheryl’s perspective on being the person who helped others find jobs vs. being the one to ask for and accept help shifted during her journey
  • Why getting clarity on what you really love to do and learning how to articulate and highlight those things is an integral piece of getting to a fulfilling place in your career
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“I think we don’t feel it as a big accomplishment if we haven’t had to struggle, if there hasn’t been, you know, a big hill to climb – because that’s kind of the narrative in stories, and there has to be some big friction or something in order for you to have this big result and for it to be celebrated, because you worked so hard for it… Look at all the fiction stories out there, look at all the true stories out there. Those are the ones that resonate with people, because you had to work so hard to get there, or you got over the hill. So if it’s easy, it must not be that impressive. But I learned differently.”  —Sheryl


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