How To Be More Connected & Present In Your Relationships & Life With Terri Lonowski, Founder Of Soulful Listening

Ep: 94

With all the distance we’ve had to put between ourselves and other people this year, how many interactions have you had lately where you felt you were fully present and connected? Our ability to be present and active in our own interactions has been eroding since long before 2020, lowered by our phones, our jobs and every other stressor we face daily. How, then, do we find our way back?

Terri Lonowski is the founder of Soulful Listening, and her career has taken her from serving as the chair of the American Counseling Association Foundation to a gubernatorial appointment to the State Workforce Investment Board, to coaching teams across the nation (including two visits to the White House). Terri devotes her wisdom and energy to healing the communication divide that we, as human beings, experience in our relationships.

On this episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake and Terri dig into the vital role that active, present, compassionate listening plays in modeling a world of possibilities for young people, the five elements of soulful listening and how the framework impacts our relationships (especially in this time of social separation), and the process of repairing a relationship that has been damaged by a lack of presence. Tune in to start learning a priceless skill you may never have thought you needed to learn.


What You’ll Learn:

  • How a wise family figure in Terri’s childhood completely revolutionized her idea her own future and what she might achieve by lending an open ear an observant eye
  • What you can do in this moment to take small-but-important mental and even physical steps towards becoming present in a way that nurtures both yourself and those around you
  • Why women have the exceptional ability to instill practices of gratitude, positivity and confidence within their families to change the entire dynamic of the family unit (and some ideas for inspiration)
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“Empathy is really walking in the shoes of another…When we have that empathy, when we take the position of another, it gives us a new perspective from which to view their vantage point. And also it can kind of expand us and stretch us into a broader version of ourselves as well. And then the act of listening, you know, you’re parroting back what you’re hearing a person say, so you really are affirming that what you think you heard was what the individual that you’re having a conversation with intended to say.”Terri Lonowski

Connect with Terri:

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