Do You Feel Guilty for Wanting More (Even Though You Make Great Money & Have a Good Life)?

Ep: 15

“That little voice inside telling you there’s something different is leading you to a path that’s so much greater than you could ever imagine.” –Blake Schofield (8:13-8:23)

Have you ever felt  guilty for being unhappy despite having a great income, a healthy family, and a good life? This feeling can be quickly followed by feelings of shame and embarrassment, when you think about how others have so much less. How could I want more? This rollercoaster of thoughts and feelings could be pushing you away from what you really want in life.

“Feeling guilty because you’re unhappy causes you to go in the opposite direction of what you really need.” – Blake Schofield (0:56-1:10)

Women often learn to take care of others first while making sacrifices that affect their careers, wellbeing, and happiness. But we can soon feel disempowered, giving so much of ourselves that we no longer have anything left to give.

The traditional narrative says that success comes from climbing the corporate ladder, earning more money, or owning the house with the white picket fence. But for many women, there’s a sense that there may be something more to gain out of their work and life. This isn’t something to be ashamed of or feel guilty about. In fact, it’s a gift and an opportunity to realize what success is for you and what it isn’t.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Your inner voice tells you when something is right or wrong. But not everyone listens to that inner voice. And if you ignore that inner voice long enough, it can be possible to stop hearing it at all. Our vision gets cloudy, and it can be difficult to remember, or know what it is that we actually want. When that excitement that accompanies achievement begins to fade you’re left feeling like something’s missing. I’ve felt that way. On paper, everything about my corporate career was amazing, a dream. And yet, I felt unsettled and empty inside.

These feelings are clues, telling you your life isn’t aligned with what you’re capable of giving or doing. They’re like a nudge from your inner voice letting you know you’re moving in the wrong direction.

You can step into the life you’re meant to live and leverage your skills to do something that’s meaningful to you. A growing number of heart-centered women are making things happen in their communities and industries by stepping out and doing something new.

“It begins and ends with the stories you tell yourself. It begins and ends with how you think about and frame your circumstances.” – Blake Schofield (10:49-10:58)

Leverage the Power of Mindset

How do you talk to yourself? Do you lift yourself up or do you live in self-doubt? Most of us learn to ignore our inner voices. We convince ourselves that the things we want aren’t possible for us. We think we don’t deserve them and that change is too scary or risky. But there’s power in believing that you deserve and can create so much more. Reframing your beliefs helps you achieve everything you want while continuing to grow personally and professionally.

Your success is rooted in the stories you tell yourself and the ways you perceive your circumstances. Your inner voice tells you when you want and deserve more than what you have. Listen to that voice and start taking action.

Foster trust in yourself so you take steps towards creating a new path. Don’t get overwhelmed thinking change has to be big. It doesn’t have to be an irresponsible risk or leap. When you believe in yourself as much as you believe in others, you can make new choices and create the life you deserve.


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