The Concept of Success in Entrepreneurship is Misunderstood

Ep: 12

“Success is not elusive. Success absolutely leaves clues.” –Blake Schofield (4:45 – 5:05)

The concept of success in entrepreneurship is really misunderstood.

So many women, when they start building their own business, are faced with fear and doubt they’ve never actually faced before, or haven’t faced in a really long time. It’s amazing the doubts that can creep into a wildly successful woman’s mind the moment she decides to leave Corporate America to build something of her own. Once a powerhouse full of confidence, all of the sudden there’s a small voice in her head that makes her wonder if she actually has what it takes.

Maybe I was only successful because of my team?

What if I can’t do this alone?

What if the way I’ve seen myself my entire career, is a facade? What if I am a fraud?

The fears and doubts are normal, and even understandable and to be expected. Building a business of your own is entirely different than working at corporate, or being employed. Suddenly, when you are your own boss, the structure becomes elusive, and the path can feel really unclear. The key to overcoming these fears is to acknowledge them, so you have the power to walk through them to the other side. As long as we avoid them, or ignore them, they WILL continue to hold power over us.

“Entrepreneurship isn’t just a journey to building a business, it’s a journey to discovering you. It’s a personal growth journey.”

– Blake Schofield (1:59 – 2:22)

The secret to success.

Let me let you in on a secret. The only thing that sets the incredibly successful entrepreneur – the entrepreneur bringing home six and seven figures – apart is her commitment to keep going, regardless of the obstacles and struggles that rise up, and her willingness to find the RIGHT people to walk alongside her. These are the keys to overcoming the fears and doubts that try to define you, and hold you back from the impact you were meant to make, and the life you desire to live.


Finding success in entrepreneurship isn’t about avoiding failure. Each setback is an opportunity to grow, each obstacle a chance to learn more about yourself. Facing fear and doubt head-on gives us the strength to become more confident in our abilities.

I am so passionate about making sure are maximizing their impact and talents. You weren’t meant to live a life of compromises. The strength that you carried within your Corporate career is the strength you can take with you as an entrepreneur. Even in the midst of the unknown and the challenges, all it takes is the decision to keep pressing forward.

“We have 39% of businesses today being women-led, and yet only 4% of the revenue is being driven by those business… Part of the reason for the disparity is women feel they have to do it alone… They are choosing fear and doubt over commitment and belief.”

– Blake Schofield (3:26 – 4:00)

Find the right people to walk beside you.

I have yet to meet a woman emerging from the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship who has a clear grasp of all it takes to build their own business. However, too many women are trying to do it alone. The fear of failure, and other self-doubts, can stand in the way of making the decision to ask for help. Fear has a way of isolating us, making us feel like we have to prove ourselves, or that we should be able to figure it out on our own.

The journey of an entrepreneur is not meant to be done alone. Find the people who have already gone before you, who can help you avoid mistakes, and make wise choices. Seeking counsel from mentors and coaches who can guide your path into entrepreneurship is invaluable. They will save you a significant amount of time, emotional energy, and money. Not only that, but when you have the right people walking next to you, the journey is SO much more enjoyable.

“The difference between the successful entrepreneurs is that they have made their mind up that failure is not an option. All failure is, is giving up. They’ve made the commitment that they’ll do whatever it takes to be successful.” – Blake Schofield (4:19 – 4:41)

Are you happy and fulfilled in your current career? If your answer is no, are you willing to commit to making a change? There are multiple ways to make a sustainable income, with so many different industry choices. Entrepreneurship is just one, but it might be the best way for you to gain the freedom and fulfillment you desire.

In the midst of your fears and doubts, I want you to know that you can ABSOLUTELY be successful. Success isn’t elusive! It leaves you clues to follow. Entrepreneurship isn’t always easy, but if you decide to keep going no matter what, and you don’t try to do it alone, you have the potential to achieve everything you desire and more!


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