Why “Sucking it Up” at Work Creates Exponential Risk

Ep: 118

It’s Sunday night and you feel an awful sense of dread rising up through your body. You’ve mentally defected from weekend mode and returned to that all-too-familiar lead up to Monday. The dreaded Sunday scaries have set in. You’ve got sweaty palms, your heart starts to race, and the knots build back up in your shoulders. You wonder “Why…why do I continue to live through this cycle? There must be a way out…”

In today’s episode, Blake reminds you that you’re not alone in your Sunday scaries, offering hope by sharing her personal experience of “sucking it up” in an unfulfilling career. She outlines the familiar feelings, and the excuses you might be using because you’re afraid to pursue your more personal career aspirations. However, what we fail to realize in these moments is that holding on can actually be a lot more risky than moving on. Today, you’ll learn how to finally exit the cycle and find a better, more fulfilling, path.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The cycle of “sucking it up” (3:57)
  • Justifications you might be using to hide your unhappiness (5:57)
  • Knowing when you’ve reached the tipping point (9:08)
  • When work woes bleed into family and social situations (11:45)
  • The signs you’ve reached your breakdown moment (14:23)
  • The risk of losing your self-confidence (17:43)
  • How to take action today (20:31)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. “Today, I look back and the signs and the symptoms were there for so many years that my life was misaligned with my values.”
  2. “The tipping point becomes the time for which you are now creating, every day that you stay in this situation, that you continue to try and solve this problem on your own, that you continue to suck it up every day, every week, every month and every year, you are creating increasing financial, emotional and personal risk, the longer you continue on.”
  3. “The shorter periods of time that you’re happy, the longer periods of time that you’re frustrated, the more challenges you’re having from sleeping, taking care of yourself, having energy, having the time to do the things you want, all of those are signs and symptoms.”
  4. “When you stay on a path and in a career that no longer is aligned with your values. It is a ticking time bomb, you are sitting on train tracks, and a train will come it’s just a matter of time.”


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