Increase Productivity by Tapping into Your Body’s Rhythms with Guest Expert Renae Fieck

Ep: 147

What if there was a secret formula that could help you maximize your productivity, boost your creativity, justify permission to rest, and help you gain a sense of balance in your life?

Sounds great, right? It might surprise you to know that women were born with this ability to optimize our work/life balance, but cultural taboos have prevented us from talking about it.

Today, Blake welcomes special guest, Renae Fieck. She is a mom of 3 and occupational therapist who helps women optimize their time and energy through unlocking the power of their cycles so that they can be thriving high achievers. Through her method, she helps women balance the demands of life, make a bigger impact, and get bigger results without adding more stress or needing more time. She’s the host of Rising Moms (soon to be Cycle Advantage) Podcast. She can be found at

Today, you’ll learn why it’s so important for us to reconnect with our natural rhythms and lean into trusting what’s going on inside of our bodies. Renae believes that by not paying attention to our cyclical nature, we’re neglecting our biggest asset. You’ll learn how to monitor and ultimately honor your body so that you can maximize your potential and achieve your goals without the usual hustle.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Turning a taboo subject into our greatest asset  (4:20)
  • The first step to understanding your biological cycle (7:47)
  • How to start tracking your patterns (10:44)
  • The Four Cycles women experience in a month (17:07)
  • Signs and symptoms of misaglignment (23:20)
  • How to sync your activities with your cycle (35:43)

Favorite Quotes:

  1. Even thinking about our cycle has so much shame and taboo and stigma around it in our world, that to be able to transform that into not being something that is a weakness that we have as women, but really truly one of our biggest assets has really helped me step fully into it. It has given me so much more grace, so much more space, and so much more understanding. -Renae
  2. Regardless of what job you do or what’s going on in your life, whether you’re a mom with three kids or you’re a single woman, understand more about  how you’re fundamentally wired. The patterns and cycles in your life will empower you and give you the information to create change. -Blake
  3. We get into cycles of overwhelm, and cycles where we don’t have enough time for things because we don’t stop and take the time to get clear and prioritize. -Blake
  4. We need recharging, we need connection and relationships, we need productivity. And we need to feel like we have the space to reflect back. We need all four of those pieces. So if you’re letting go of one, if productivity and getting things done is more important than recharging, then something’s gonna misfire at some point. All four pieces of the cycle are just as important as the other ones. -Renae
  5. Sometimes the bravest and the biggest thing you can do is set the computer down and walk away and come back to it when your body’s ready. -Renae


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