An Insider View: Tina’s Journey Towards Entrepreneurship

Ep: 29

“It’s not about perfectionism. It’s about progress, trying new things, and finding those things that really speak to you.” –Tina (39:40-39:48)

Tina came to me when she was at a crossroads in her career. Her corporate job wasn’t giving her the fulfillment or joy she wanted, and she knew she was ready to start her own business. But she didn’t know what that would look like and where she could even begin. She also knows that she didn’t just want to take a leap into entrepreneurship. She wanted to do things in a way that felt responsible without being forced into taking a big risk. So she invested in herself by working with a coach to help her transition to something that was truly fulfilling to her.

“There are many ways to be successful that you can do on your own terms. It doesn’t have to look like somebody else’s journey.” – Blake Schofield (21:33-21:44)

Tina’s worked for different companies and industries, and for a while, her work was something that inspired her. But then she was faced with the loss of her father, which led her to reevaluate what she wanted out of life. Rather than returning to work re-energized and more engaged, she felt that things were out of balance. Her work wasn’t aligned with what she wanted out of life.

Tina set her sights on making a shift that put her back in charge of her own time so she could be more effective and productive. But Tina had to overcome the feeling that she needed to have it all figured out and do things perfectly the first time around. The coaching work we did helped Tina establish the four pillars that are essential to success:

  1. Clarity
  2. Focus
  3. Mindset
  4. Building a Bridge

If you aren’t clear about what you want, you can never get there. Clarity takes time, and sometimes it requires an outside perspective to help you sift through limiting beliefs and reach a point of clarity. If you pursue a path that isn’t aligned with what you want, it becomes too easy to convince yourself to abandon it.

Coaching transforms your mindset and develops the confidence you need to see true skills and the value they can provide to others. Once you’ve created the mindset for success, you can begin building a business or making the career transition you want. This is the bridge to freedom and fulfillment that so many people are searching for in their lives.

“Tell the voice in your head that’s saying ‘That’s too scary’ to shut up and sit down. Find a voice that’s going to be positive, confident, and instill the belief that you can do anything.” – Tina  (1:04:24-1:04:44)

Tina’s work with me was the first step on her journey towards entrepreneurship and the transition that made her life more meaningful. The biggest lesson she learned and now shares with others is to start now. Start challenging assumptions that you (or others) have. Find a thought partner who can help you explore your purpose and vision as well as the obstacles that are keeping you stuck. When you get clear on what you want, focus on the things that matter, and develop a mindset for success, you can build your bridge to the life and work you’ve always dreamed of.

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