How to Transition Your Career Without Taking a Step Back

Ep: 80

It is common to believe transitioning our careers means we’ll have to take a big pay cut, a step back in impact or a leap of faith…but just because some people make that choice, doesn’t mean it is the only one available. There is another choice – a better one, in fact.

On this episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake tackles the topic of transitioning your career without taking a big step backwards, including the mental blocks that keep us stuck, the factors that uniquely set her clients up for success and fulfillment, and the power you gain back when you hold your own roadmap in your hands. Listen in to stop worrying needlessly about the next big step and start getting ready to take it.


You’ll Learn

  • What we actually need to be focused on when considering our next career move (hint – it isn’t the paycheck)
  • How to do the internal work to understand your values, skills and priorities instead of relying on the external job search itself
  • Why we so often feel paralyzed with fear and rooted in place when we think about making a big change in our career
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote

“We get stuck because we don’t know the way and we worry about these unknown risks. Instead, I want you to know that transitioning into your next path can actually be freeing. It can be life-changing. And it actually can elevate your career and your life. But it requires a different approach. You know that old saying, ‘You can’t get different results doing the same thing’? 100% true.” –Blake Schofield


Rather than hoping the grass will be greener, identify what the RIGHT next step is.

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