Transitioning Mid-Career, It’s Never Too Late with Jennie Nash

Ep: 83

“There’s a common misbelief that if you do work that helps people, it doesn’t pay well.”

For a huge chunk of her career, Jennie Nash struggled to make money as a writer, despite her success in scoring book deals. What she did learn during her years writing, however, was the ins-and-outs of the publishing world. Since then, she has put that knowledge to work, coaching many big names in the industry, building her company Author Accelerator into a multi-six-figure book coaching business, and teaching others to do the same.

On this episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment®, Blake and Jennie dig into Jennie’s evolution from failed big ideas, to a shift in how she perceived her work and its worth, to coming into her own as an entrepreneur and mentor to her clients and embracing the reality that everything is a process to be refined as we learn and progress forward. Tune in for an impactful discussion on your value and the value of your mistakes.

You’ll Learn

  • How Jennie began to navigate and codify the best of the creative process to help her clients (and herself) put it to work
  • What beliefs and doubts and habits we are so often susceptible to, and need to work on, in order to stand in our own value and communicate that value to others
  • Why an accidental coaching enrollment changed Jennie’s outlook and her business itself in a massive way
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“What I do is not just help you write a book; I help you find your voice. I help you raise your voice, I help you overcome the doubt that you have anything worthwhile to say, I help you figure out what really matters to you, what you really want to convey to people. Doing that work inevitably gets to very personal, emotional, long-standing things that someone is trying to breakthrough. That’s what I was helping [writers] do. I would feel the transformation I was helping them with, I would see the results… And I had to understand the real value that I was bringing, and what that value was, and what it meant to people. [I had to] raise my rates and change the whole business strategy that I had around it in order to bring those rates up to what they really needed to be.” Jennie Nash

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